My left airpod is not working even after reset

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Are you tired of using an AirPod that only works? And there’s certainly no other person in your position that has a similar problem. Many users reported similar problems on Apple’s Support community website.

One airpod has no sound output a double tapping feature doesn’ t operate. Often he had experienced an earbud malfunction in a 1 to 10 minute interval. Another has red exclamations marks on their AirPods when they open them up. Some things can cause an AirPod to fail to operate correctly. Usually you start from the physical aspects to the settings.

My left airpod is not working even after reset – Fixed

We show how to fix an AirPod’s problem in just minutes. It’s said there should be more. Having an airPod is not acceptable at all! It’s virtually impossible to just listen to music without an Airpod.

Aside from the AirPod being less expensive you get a great stereo sound quality as an added bonus. We’ve heard your frustrations. This guide covers the main reasons your AirPod won’t work properly. Our list of budget-friendly options will allow the user to start using AirPods. Tell me the truth!

Restart your phone

Sometimes the problem may not be your AirPod but rather a smartphone. The easiest way to repair the device is to reset it.

First, it’s very simple: turn on your mobile. It is amazing how many problems you’ll find when implementing an old switch-on-off solution. It happens mainly as phone reboot will clear the old software on your device causing any problems with your device to be cleaned off.

For a simple reset, tap and hold both the side button and the volume key simultaneously in a smartphone. A way to restore your iPhone should also be done by tapping on a button in the app menu.

Fully charge your AirPods

Make sure to charge the AirPods with a compatible charging cable by charging them directly to the charger. All Airpod Cases Will Save 100 %!

With airPods, age charging will be more difficult for users to establish stable communication with each other. I have seen many problems under 20%. It takes several days to recharge your AirPods fully, but it is worth it.

If I have an issue with the left AirPod, I’ll charge it. It helps prevent the likelihood it is lacking power. Hopefully your problem has been resolved, but it doesn’t matter what.

Make sure audio volume is balanced

I saw that fix before. Those people had the problem. Their AirPods did not work on the iPhone because they had an incorrect music settings. The phone’s audio mode allows you control audio volume between the left and right AirPods.

The settings in the center should be set, ensuring a uniform audio level on the AirPods. If you adjust this option right you can hear everything with an AirPod on your right hand, and the left will not work! You can check the balance by clicking on the balance button and then adjust the balance accordingly.

Turn Bluetooth off and then on again

A simple fix can be tried with a wireless reset. This will be the best fix I’ve ever found. You can turn off Bluetooth if you swipe at the screen.

Wait a little bit and then tap the Bluetooth icon to turn the blue back on. If this wont help the first time you try this again, then you should try the process again. If your phone is not trying to restore its Bluetooth connection, it is usually possible to fix it.

You should stop the AirPods when they aren’t functioning, and disable automatic eye detection.

Reset your AirPods

The only thing you need to do when restoring an iPod is to disconnect your device. For now, you must stop using that device. You’re going to have to replace these AirPods once they’ve come off.

The following process will completely reset your AirPods so that your Airpod should be ready for use immediately. The first time you try the fix twice it will fail. Typically there will be some reset to resolve an issue. If this wasn’t for you, it won’t be too bad. Do not worry.

Turn off automatic ear detection

AirPods have specialized software in the air that senses the sound when they sit on their ear and plays it from the ear. The technology is good but any error can lead to a broken connection. Your AirPod sensor is not working.

The most significant cause for this feature to behave are dirty headsets. Build up of ear-wax dirt that can clogging the sensor on the airpod. I’ll start with just deactivating automatic ear detection for the reason for the problem.

Turn off any nearby Bluetooth devices

The solution could include shutting down Bluetooth devices nearby. So you can shut it down. Depending on where you’re located other mobile equipment like headphones, mice, keyboard and mouse can cause some interference.

Disable the devices you are using. You can also open up an iPad for each of those Bluetooth devices. I’d like to see if there’s a way to do that. This will help ensure that your left airpod is not affected.

Why does one AirPod not work?

But that doesn’t happen to everyone in your world. Although there were occasional bug reports and Beta firmware which cause AirPod problems, they are usually easily fixed by an update. A faulty airpod may be unable to function due to soiled or damaged air.

Fortunately it’s easy to wipe with a dry cloth and water. Other factors, including battery, Bluetooth, etc, could prevent you from using the right AirPod.

Clean left AirPod and left charging port

Unless you reset the AirPod, the dirt buildup in its charging port may cause it your Airpods to sound quieter, not charging, or both! Use an airpod Q-tip and wash it gently.

Open your charging box then remove your left battery port. Keep going down to bottom. If necessary, add a bit of isofpropyl alcohol to the end of the Q-tips. No fear. It’s Apples fault. Check your right airpod speakers.

What should I do if my AirPod doesn’t work?

Until you recharge the AirPod or update your device, it may take some practice to get a good grip on it in the long run. In some cases cleaning will fix some audio issues. And sometimes it is helpful to restart your phone. It should be a simple and efficient procedure.

One AirPod not working – Troubleshooting

Identifying the issue is not often simple. Some of them may seem invasive. This is where determining the most common causes is necessary before moving into technical aspects of a task. There’s one way you may perform a first check to make sure you’ve done it safely:

AirPod are the world’s best selling wireless earphones! However, there are some problems. Some users report that the AirPod doesn’t function properly. The AirPod can be reset when the left side cannot be used.

You can click the Settings > Bluetooth > Information icon on the AirPod Name > Leave this device open. Holding the AirPod on the back until its status light blinks white. This resets all the AirPods so your AirPod should be able to connect to the smartphone right away.

What is wrong with my AirPod? It’s not all your fault. In fact Apple earbud sales are expected to exceed 115 million units in 2020, which is up 32% from the previous year.

An Apple earbud containing an ANC technology combines with Apples ecosystem without causing problems to anyone. Apples AirPod Pro does have a lot more issues than the Airpods.


Can the Airpod be disconnected in 30 seconds? How do airpods work? The Apple iPod touch is now available via wireless. AirPods deliver exceptional sound when compared to most headphones. With an impressive sound quality, this app is easy to control and use without the need for a smartphone. Just put AirPods in it.

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