MAG MAX F12A-3H and Msi ARGB Series RGB Fans

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The MAG MAX F12A-3H comes equipped with addressable RGB LEDs allowing you to control its lighting effects via the motherboard. These fans can also be used with motherboards that feature 5V JRainbow pin headers. This article will discuss which fans are compatible with the various motherboards and the Thermaltake TT RGB plus app. Then we’ll go over the pros and cons of Msi’s ARGB Series fans.

Compatible with Gigabyte Fusion

Gigabyte Fusion motherboard supports RGB. Its RGB fan supports Hibernate. The motherboard has a control box to control the RGB setting. Users can also manually control the brightness of the fan. Msi RGB fans come with LEDs. They change colors when triggered by certain lighting effects. The fans with multi-color LEDs are more popular than standard fans because of their unique looks.

Gigabyte RGB Fusion was introduced in 2015 and the company was smart to do so. Nearly every manufacturer was already offering an RGB lighting system and not implementing it would have been detrimental to the brand’s reputation. However it has since made fans compatible with other brands. The new Mystic Light RGB fan is also compatible with Gigabyte Fusion. It uses the same lighting controller as the MSI RGB fans.

ASRock Polychrome Sync

You can customize the lighting effects on your motherboard and graphics card using the official ASRock RGB utility software. The software supports a variety of lighting modes including multi-LED effects and can even sync with the Razer Chroma fan. ASRock’s RGB utility software is available in the ASRock APP shop. It also provides the latest BIOS and system upgrade software so that you can optimize your PC and keep it running at its optimal settings.

Using ASRock Polychrome Sync software you can control your RGB components and RGB values with ease. The utility has a drop-down menu with radio buttons for changing the speed of the LEDs. The software also lets you save your customized settings. Depending on your needs you can select the right color combination and RGB value to customize your system’s lighting. As soon as you are finished you can start enjoying the benefits of ASRock’s RGB utility.

Asus Aura Sync

You can control RGB lighting on your motherboard using the Asus Aura Sync software. You can use Gigabyte Fusion ASUS Aura Sync or MSI Mystic Light software. These motherboards have PWM fans with 4-pin RGB connectors. If you want to daisy-chain multiple RGB fans you’ll need a splitter cable. The software allows you to select the fans’ colors and brightness.

The Aura Sync software allows you to control RGB lights and fans on your motherboard and computer. The software can be used with other Asus Aura RGB products or with compatible MSI GPUs. You can customize your RGB colors by saving them on the outer arc. In addition you can customize each fan’s color with a separate hue control button. If you’re looking for the ultimate in customization the Asus Aura Sync software allows you to customize RGB lighting on your motherboard and other compatible components.

Thermaltake TT RGB plus app

If you’ve ever used an RGB fan or lighting application before you might already be familiar with its intuitive easy-to-use interface. The TT RGB plus software is an excellent way to customize your computer’s peripherals and monitor PC lighting. It offers a variety of options including color palettes light settings and fan speed. This software is also free and official Thermaltake software.

The TT RGB Plus app allows you to connect up to 16 digital fan controllers which are compatible with most motherboards. You can easily customize the color modes on your fans and choose the most suitable one from the five available color modes. You can even switch to 16.8 million colors in the RGB spectrum. TT RGB Plus also gives you real-time fan warnings so you can instantly customize the appearance of your system with your preferred hue.

Thermaltake iCUE

Thermaltake iCUE msI RGB fans are compatible with the latest motherboards including Asus and AMD. These RGB fans can be controlled using the Thermaltake ARTT app or the motherboard’s software. The fans have 9 fan blades and feature a hydraulic and self-lubricating bearing. The RGB LED lighting of the Thermaltake iCUE msi fans is synchronized with the motherboard’s RGB software.

Despite the lower build quality of these fans they provide excellent airflow and are able to effectively cool your system. The fans use a hydraulic bearing and are equipped with a remote control. They also feature rubber pads to reduce noise. This makes the fans ideal for use with an AIO water cooling setup. You can choose between different color options to match the style and theme of your system.

Thermaltake Ambient Link

The Thermaltake Ambient Link msi RGB fans are a great way to customize your computer system with a range of cool custom LED colors. These fans have eight-pin PWM and A-RGB connectors which allows you to customize your fan’s color to match your PC’s graphics card. The fans are shipped in a sturdy cardboard box with a 2-year warranty. The manual card contains a scan code and the user manual which can be found online. The fans themselves are shipped in a brown color cardboard box with the controller and remote control on top and cables and screws underneath.

Each fan comes with rubber feet to help prevent slipping and features seven blades surrounded by a sturdy black frame. These fans have four cutouts on each frame for easier RGB lighting visibility. The illumination is provided by an opaque plastic section inserted into each frame which contains 20 individually addressable RGB LEDs. The fans’ RGB lighting is controlled through motherboard-based lighting control software which makes them easy to control and customize.

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