Liquid detected in lightning connector – Error message fix

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IOS warns users to avoid leaking any of their devices to your Lightning cable. If the phone is left unprotected by the water, use the dehydrants. All smartphone manufacturers have water-resistant systems. The iPhone is water-resistant but it’s likely going to remain so.

Water resistance differs from waterproof. Several people have come to my house for an alert about liquid detection on Lightning connection. Once the phone has been dried the phone can be recharged. Have iPhone users experienced any leaks or liquid detected by the Lightning Connectors warning?

My iPhone says “Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector” – Here’s The Fix!

You plug in the Lightning cable on your smartphone and you have an awful popup message. It reads “liquid detected on Lightning connectors” but I have not figured what’s going on. I explain what you can’t use if a device’s Lightning port is filled with fluid.

When using a new iPad Air, the phone may detect fluids inside the Lightning cable. Upon activation your phone might show a charge error saying liquids have found themselves inside the connector for the Lightning connector”.

Whenever you notice the message in iPhones, remove it completely from the charger and let it dry a few hours.

Part 1. What Does Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector Mean?

During charging, the pins on both components can be damaged when an electrical outlet is damaged. The phone could display the second message regarding the immediate action you should take in such circumstances. The initial notification alerts the user of the liquid detected on the connector to the lightning cable.

Although it is waterproof, an iPhone may display a Liquid-Detection warning after an immersion. There is a reason the Lightning port is open – the port is not exposed to water alone – but it should cause no issues. It works with the Lightning connection for charging.

When your iPhone finds water or other fluids in the charging port, it displays an error warning that prevents plugging in a cable or damaging the device. Occasionally the error message can be created due to an issue with Lightning connectors. Those are possible cases even though your phone is not covered in liquid.

It also suggests that the customer removes the charger and waits for several hours before using it. It reads that iPhone charging isn’t supported. The third case that shows up is if the sensor detects liquids after a connection with another product. The iphone suggests that you try this addition to retry.

What if my iPhone detects liquid when it’s dry?

Sometimes you will get a notification for liquid detection on your iPhone if you know your lightning connector is completely dry. Maybe your device was brand new or waited until you dried up the batteries. Get a light and check Lightning ports for dust and rust.

Obstructions to the Lightning ports may cause confusion on iPhone’s liquid sensor. You may remove the item by blowing air to keep it away from metal pins. If your phone is not visible from the port, there could be a chance that its Lightning connector is damaged.

When to override the liquid detection alert

Although it isn’t the best option, some of us do not want to risk destroying your phone if we are charging it wet. When an emergency happens it can be used without warning. If you’re not careful it can cause serious damage to your mobile.

Electricity does not mix. But a user can ignore the alert by drying their iPhone out and then charging it via WiFi instead of removing it altogether. To bypass an alarm for a liquid detected, disconnect the lighting cable immediately.

What to avoid doing when a liquid has been detected in a lighting connector?

It can be very difficult to repair your iPhone with water damage. Many of the suggestions are not effective at fixing an electronic device and sometimes they are more destructive. I know trying ‘fast drying’ is tempting, but I’d suggest that you don’t try anything.

I realize that this isn’t what you want but I’m gonna repeat: be patient! Are there any ways to make this process more efficient? Okay. But keep in mind that you are likely to be permanently injured.

What if my iPhone is water resistant?

The latest Apple iPhones are waterproof. The new iPhone 8 is waterproof. Having water-resistant technology also does not make your smartphone more likely to suffer from liquid damage. Waterproof iPhones are not waterproof.

This means that metal parts of phones can continue corroding when exposed to liquids. This applies also to tins of your lampsaver. But with no electric current flowing into these steel pins, this liquid will last a few weeks or even longer.

Cordless charging

The positive thing is that my advice is that I just use a Lightning cable charger. Using a cordless charger can you keep the charger in place while the battery is drying! You are not only allowed to use the phone, you are also capable of charging the phone when the battery has dried out. It was just me.

I was bathing my son and my iPhone jumped in the bathtub and was totally underwater. I received a notification from the Liquid Detected LED light cable after charging the battery. I used my phone to charge the battery and then used my charger. The job was really good.

What does it mean when there is liquid in the lightning connector?

Lightning cables are essentially a fancy name for your iPhones charging socket. The Liquid Detection on the Lightning connector alerts indicate the chargers or the lighting cables are wet or humid. There are many different ways this could happen. Tell me the answer? Is an iPhone a waterproof phone?

What should I do if liquid is detected in dry iPhone?

Sometimes, the iPhone’s fluid detector can be activated even though there’s no liquids in it. It is worrying for some people because it could cause a problem if they plug in a Lightning connector into the charger port. The problem is unfortunately solved by iPhone users by trying the above methods.

Select Emergency Override

If we choose to ignore it or just dismiss it we could charge my iPad without noticing any moisture in the port. Its biggest downside is it may still cause the same messages. If you like to change your mind a little bit at once then maybe that will solve your problem. Make sure the computer has been thoroughly dried.

Reset all settings

Some users claim changing the iPhone’s settings would be useful in the case of liquid detection error. Please note that by default you can remove any settings on your smartphone that affect network settings, location privacy or many more.

Force-Restart The iPhone

The ability to force-reboot iPhones will usually solve these bugs. This is a button combination based on your iPhone model. iPhone 7: For older iPhone models including iPhone 8: iPhone 8.

Visit the Apple Store

If nothing else fails, then it may be worth visiting Apple Stores. It should be a simple solution.


Do not worry about the liquid detection on your phone while using it! These alerts are very commonly used. Liquid detected by Lightning Connectors identifies a leakage on a charging device on the iPhone. It’s a more difficult issue to deal with than something like your music disappearing from iPhone, which is much more common.

The battery may remain charged with the charger if the port is completely dry. But there are cordless batteries for charging during the waiting period.

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