Best Lightsaber – A Guide to Replica & Toy Sabers 2022

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For any Star Wars fanatic, a lightsaber is one of the best gifts that you could possibly think of. Whether it’s Mace Windu’s Purple Saber from Episode III (where we didn’t get nearly enough action of him using it) or Luke’s standard green lightsaber that we see throughout, a lightsaber is the ultimate gift for any Star Wars fanatic.

However, it can be difficult to find a good quality lightsaber replica online. I know this because I’ve spent a ton of time searching myself, and more often than not, you end up scrolling through a lot of different stuff. Depending on what you want, there are different levels of lightsaber, from toys all the way through to expensive collectors items.

Which lightsaber is best for you is down to you dependant on your budget and wants. But, here we can take a look at some of the best lightsabers available online. Firstly, we’ll take a look at some of the best lightsaber real life replicas and designs. Then, we’ll check out toys that are available if you’re just looking to play.

Best Lightsaber – The full list

For those looking for more than just a lightsaber toy, there are some cool replicas which might be better suited to what you’re looking for. Some of them are better suited to duelling, whilst others might be a better collectors item. Depending on what it is you really want, there should be something suitable for you.

Ultrasaber and Saberforge are some of the names that you might have heard of when it comes to replica lightsabers. They are definitely worth looking at; generally, Ultrasaber is considered the cheaper more practical version, whilst Saberforge is better for cosplays and aesthetic. Aside from those two brands, here are a few more options for you to consider.

ForceFX Lightsabers

Star Wars The Black Series Darth Vader Force FX Lightsaber
  • Create adventures and scenes from Star Wars entertainment
  • Collect the wide range of articulated Star Wars action figures that are each sold separately
  • Most of the Star Wars vehicles have realistic action features

No list of lightsabers can begin without mentioning ForceFX lightsabers, which although can be used practically, have become some of the most collectable series of sabers for any Star Wars fan. This is likely due to the sheer range of models available – I’ve linked to the black series fx lightsaber for those erring on the dark side, but there’s a ton of different models for all the Obi-Wan Kenobi fans out there.

This series was released in 2008, the same time that the Clone Wars series was released. For any fan, a Force FX lightsaber would be a dream to own and use, as it has become quite the collectible over the past few years.

Kybers Metal Hilt Lightsabers

KYBERS Standard Series Shien RGB 11 Colors LED Changeable Metal Aluminum Hilt Light Saber with 5 Sound Fonts
  • RGB version has 11 colors to choose from and switch on the go.High grade LED with 3 levels of brightness and 6 light efficiency modes
  • The blade is made of high-impact PC.And it is removeable and changeable.1-inch OD and 1.5 mm pipe wall thickness. Higher Strength than Base Edition.
  • FX Saber Sound: Kybers Standard series sabers have 5 sound fonts and mute mode. There are three volume settings, low, medium and high/MUTE

Kybers make a range of lightsabers from as low as $80 ranging up into the hundreds. They’re not the highest range replicas, but they’re definitely of a pretty decent quality.

The main reason that you might want to consider Kybers lightsabers is that they work extremely well for duelling. They’re really durable, so if you’re looking for a step up on the delicate toy lightsabers, then this is the first place that you should start.

Aside from the quality of the lightsaber itself, you’re going to see a step up in quality regarding the effects and sounds that the saber makes itself. Although in comparison to really expensive sabers the sound isn’t that great, it’s certainly pretty decent. You also have the option to mould two sabers together to make yourself a Darth Maul saber, which is pretty cool. Overall, this is one of the better options if you’re looking for a lower cost replica lightsaber.

YDD Lightsabers

YDDSABER Light Up Force FX Sword Heavy Dueling, Rechargeable Lightsaber, Loud Sound Hight Light with FOC, Metal Hilt (Blue)
  • Our Advantage: The lightsaber has Blaster sound and flash on clash, support dueling. Manufacturers direct sale.
  • Smooth Handle+Removable Blade: Handle is made of aluminum alloy. Blade material is high quality poly carbonate. Blade need total length about 95 cm after assembly.
  • FX Movie Sound: When saber is off long press to change sound fonts.The saber has one sound font plus mute.Support heavy dueling.

Another pretty solid option for a replica lightsaber to purchase if you’re not looking to spend too much cash is to look at YDD lightsabers. They’re pretty cheap, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to get a low quality product.

In terms of aesthetics, they definitely aren’t the best lightsabers that you’re going to find. But, they are very longlasting. If you’re getting a lightsaber to have duels with, then YDD might be a good option. Some other brands with more expensive lightsabers are undoubtedly not as durable, so if this is essential for you, then maybe you’ll want to consider these.

Bear in mind that these YDD lightsabers are relatively small, and if you’re looking for a true replica, you might need to up your budget a little bit or look elsewhere.

SaberPlatinum Lightsabers

Saber Platinum Lightsaber with Infinite LED Color Options(11), Multiple Sound Fonts, FOC, and Heavy Dueling Support Build (Silver)
  • Smooth handle+Removable blade. The handle is made of aluminium alloy and the the blade is made of high quality Light Diffusion Polycarbonate
  • SFX Lightsaber : 5 Watts and features 3 sound fonts+mute and RGB LED lighting to offering 11 colors. It also has 6 glowing modes: High brightness, low brightness, blazing, flashing (slow, medium, fast)
  • Flash on Crash (FOC): This lightsaber has FOC option which makes the blade flashes in bright white light as the soundboard detects an impact and plays an impact sound. This effect is demonstrated throughout the lightsaber duels in movies and cartoons

SaberPlatinum lightsabers are very similar to that of those made by Ultrasaber. They’re relatively lightweight, good for duelling and they look pretty darn cool. You can get it in both the black and the silver handle depending on what you think looks best.

The SaberPlatinum has a rechargeable port on the side of the hilt of the lightsaber, which means that you can easily recharge it when it’s run out of battery. Although saying this, the battery on this lightsaber is pretty good and you won’t need to continually recharge it all the time.

As a first lightsaber, this is undoubtedly a great option. Of course, you could consider getting a customer lightsaber, but generally that’s going to cost at least 3-5x the amount of this one. So, as a cheaper option, this is a solid choice.

Star Wars Bladebuilders Jedi Master

Star Wars Signature Light-saber
  • Create adventures and scenes from Star Wars entertainment
  • Collect the wide range of articulated Star Wars action figures that are each sold separately
  • Most of the Star Wars vehicles have realistic action features

The Star Wars Bladebuilders collection is pretty much generally accepted as the go to if you’re looking for toy lightsabers. And they’re really not just lightsabers at all.

Bladebuilders allow kids to connect and build their very own lightsaber through the variation of different pieces that you can buy. You don’t need to just have a straight lightsaber handle like in the movies.

Depending on what set you buy, you’ll get a variation of different elbow connectors, dual connectors and other adjustable connectors. This means that you can use them together to make your own custom lightsaber is whatever style you like.

Although that might not sound too appealing to you, for kids it’s a great way to give them something to do. And if they’re younger kids, then it’s great for their cognitive development like other building block toys (think K-nex and Lego).

Overall, if you’re looking for the ideal lightsaber toy as a gift for your children, then undoubtedly the Bladebuilder series is the first place that you should look.

Star Wars Bladebuilders Kylo Ren

Star Wars Deluxe Lightsaber
  • Create adventures and scenes from Star Wars entertainment
  • Collect the wide range of articulated Star Wars action figures that are each sold separately
  • Most of the Star Wars vehicles have realistic action features

It’s worth mentioning that different Bladebuilders toys have a different set of connectors in there, so it’s worth looking around to ensure that you get the right one for your kids. Although some of them are rarer and have been discontinued, you should be able to find them online still within a relatively cheap price range.

Although with older fans Kylo Ren isn’t as big of a hit, younger fans seem to love Kylo (Hans Solo and Princess Leia’s son!), making his lightsaber one of the most popular models to get a hold of. You can easily use this lightsaber with other Bladebuilder, so it’s worth checking out what other Bladebuilders you can get a hold of.

Disney – Rey’s Lightsaber (Kind of)

No products found.

In my opinion, the Disney lightsabers are terribly overpriced. But hey, it’s Disney – what isn’t overpriced right? Anyway, although they are really expensive, the Disney series of lightsabers are pretty decent quality.

Disney lightsabers offer some of the best interactivity of any cheaper toy lightsaber. The sound effects that you get are pretty much second to none, which make them a perfect gift for younger kids. Making noises can be important to a childs sense of humour development, too.

Although I don’t really want to get into the argument after someone suggested to me this is Anakin’s lightsaber, it’s fair to say it’s Rey’s as well. If you don’t know, basically this was Anakin’s Lightsaber (Darth Vader) until Luke (his son) stole it from him. Anakin caught up with him and cut his hand off, and the lightsaber was abandoned in Cloud City. Through Maz Kanata’s Jedi Collection, it eventually ended up with Rey.

Disney – Yodas Lightsaber

People are always looking for Yoda’s lightsaber and you can’t really blame them – he’s a powerful character. If you’re looking for Yoda’s lightsaber, then Disney make a pretty decent version of this that you might want to consider.

There are a few reasons why Disney lightsabers are a good idea, specifically this one. Firstly, for it’s price it’s very illuminated. Often, you’ll buy really cheap lightsabers and they’ll stay bright for a week or two, then the color will fade. This isn’t the case with Yoda’s fluorescent green lightsaber. Another reason why this might be a good choice is the sound actions that it portrays when you’re swinging it. Young kids will especially will appreciate the sound effects that this Disney lightsaber makes.

All in all, this is another option for those looking for a good toy lightsaber. Although it is a little more expensive than others out there, it’s undoubtedly worth considering.

Underground Toys Flashlight

If you’re trying to avoid swords in the household because your kids can be a bit brutal (most can at times), then you can still give them the lightsaber experience. This Lightsaber flashlight feels like a Lightsaber when you grip it, and definitely dives the effect of the real thing.

Of course, it’s undoubtedly best to use this one when all of the lights are off. This can help you to get the best experience, because if you try and do it when the lights are on.. well, you might be a little underwhelmed. Although the flashlight itself is pretty strong, it’s not going to have much of an effect in the daylight.

Although not a true lightsaber, this is undoubtedly one of the better options if you’re looking to avoid conflict within the household.

Libery Imports Lightsabers

2-in-1 LED Light Up Swords Set FX Double Bladed Dual Sabers with Motion Sensitive Sound Effects (2 Pack)
  • ✅ REALISTIC: 2-in-1 LED Light Up Swords Each Measuring 29-inches. Your kids will have an absolute blast playing with these glow in the dark swords.
  • ✅ EPIC BATTLE: Bright glowing blades with realistic battle sound effects. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the dramatic sword clashing sound effects, and the whoosh as these toy light sabers slash through the air.
  • ✅ LED LIGHTS: Power Up and Power Down light effect. Kids can press the button to power up their intergalactic weapon and see the blade's cool light effects.

Liberty Imports are known for producing basically the cheapest versions of any kind of cheap toy. I’ve used them before to buy really cheap Nerf swords and the quality is surprisingly decent when you consider the price.

As you might have expected, the main issue with these lightsabers is that they don’t feel very official. I don’t like to use the term cheap replicas, but.. they’re cheap replicas. But, this doesn’t mean that you should be put off buy them, as there are a few reasons why they might be a better option for you.

Of course, the main reason is that they offer a cheap alternative. Sure, Disney products are good quality but they can be darn expensive. So, this is definitely something that you might want to avoid. And secondly, they are actually pretty good for duelling with. Other toy lightsabers are really more for show or for one child, whilst this set is ideal for duelling with. When the lightsabers connect, they make a sound and the lights react on impact. Pretty cool!

Star Wars Anakin to Darth

Hasbro Star Wars Anakin to Darth Vader Electronic Color Change Ultimate FX Lightsaber
  • Let your kids feel like a real Jedi Master with this Star Wars Anikin to Vader color change Lightsaber.

The Anakin to Darth set is another good example of a lightsaber toy that you can actually use. They’re good enough quality and durable enough that even if your kids duel with these often, they aren’t going to stop working after the first week.

You might have seen this one in retail stores around the United States – it had a pretty popular release. You can have a look at how the lightsaber performs here;

If you have a Halloween event coming up, then this might be a good choice as it looks particularly realistic. It functions well, and it’s another good choice if you’re looking for a toy lightsaber.

Windy City 12 pack of lightsabers

LED Assorted Colors Glow in the Dark Light Up Kids Light Sabers (12 Pack) Bulk
  • MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU | It certainly will be when you use our LED Saber Swords. These extendable, light saber sword toys let you become a glow in the dark ninja---but without the risk of cutting off someone's head. Each plastic light up sword expands 15 to 35 inches and comes with 7 LED light modes that change colors, flash and blink.
  • COSTUME ACCESSORY | Our light up sword for kids makes a perfect accessory to a sci-fi costume, where you’re a warrior fighting a war among the stars. And if your name happens to be Luke--then you'll definitely have the upper hand.
  • PARTY FAVORS | Whether you’re having a kids birthday or video game party--you can hand out our glow in the dark sword to guests and watch the sword games begin!

Finally, I thought that I’d include this set of 12 lightsabers. This is really ideal if you’re hosting a Star Wars party and you want to ensure that everyone has their own lightsaber.

Whilst they’re not anything like real lightsabers, they are really cheap when you consider their individual price. This makes them a really good bulk purchase, which is a must, because if you’re going to buy the Disney lightsabers for twelve people, this can become super unaffordable.

Overall, they are just another really good option if you’re looking for more than a couple of lightsabers. Although the quality is a little lacking, this doesn’t mean that you should look past this set.


Overall, these are just some of the toys and replicas that you might want to consider if you’re looking for a good lightsaber. You can do more in depth research online, especially if you’re looking for a replica to be made. Depending on where you are in country (and even the world) you’ll find different companies that may specialise in film replicas and especially Star Wars.

Lightsabers come in all different prices. Some best lightsabers aren’t much better than cheap lightsabers. The best thing to do is research before you buy best lightsaber. Make sure that you’re getting a best lightsaber from an honest source or just search online for best lightsaber.

There are lots of different things to consider before buying a best lightsaber, like: does it come with a hilt, what color it is and will it work well if you have big hands? Once you’ve considered all of this information about your future best lightsaber, then you should be ready to buy.

When you’re looking for Star Wars lightsabers, there are a ton if different options that are available for you. You’ll find every Luke Skywalker, Anakin Skywalker lightsaber and pretty much any model you can think of. So, take your time and look through the difference options to ensure you’re getting the best deal that you can for you.

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