LGA1200 CPU Coolers

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The LGA1200 mainstream desktop socket also known as socket H5 is a relatively new CPU socket from Intel. While it’s likely that older LGA115x CPU coolers will be compatible with the new socket a CPU cooler needs to have enough thermal capacity to cool higher-TDP SKUs. That’s a bit of a problem but it’s not impossible. Here are some options:

Lazada’s NH-C14S

The Noctua NH-C14S LGA1600 top-flow cooler is a worthy upgrade to the original C14. It offers nearly as much cooling with just one fan and a deeper fin stack. The included NF-A14 PWM fan ensures quiet operation. Additionally the NH-C14S features an extended clearance under its fin stack making it suitable for many HTPC cases and desktop PCs. Moreover it is also compatible with chipset coolers and RAM modules with a height of 70mm.

The NH-C14S features a deeper fin stack and a premium NF-A14 fan that’s controlled by the motherboard’s PWM. Additionally the cooler features a Low-Noise Adaptor to limit its maximum fan speed to 1200 rpm. The Noctua NH-C14S has a SecuFirm2 mounting system which is synonymous with high quality and safety.

Noctua’s NH-U12DO

Noctua’s NH12DO LGA1200 cooler is a high-end lga1200 CPU cooler that offers outstanding cooling performance. This high-end cooler comes with an integrated fan clip and a custom-designed mounting system that prevents vibration. The SecuFirm2(tm) mounting system is easy to install and ensures perfect contact pressure and convenience.

Based on the award-winning NH-U12DO the NH-U12DO A3 is the latest addition to the Noctua NH-U12DO series of processor coolers. This model has six heatpipes a performance optimized fin stack and two premium-grade 120mm fans. For added convenience the NH-U12DO supports sockets and comes with a 4.1-inch mounting system with an NT-H1 thermal compound.

Noctua’s NH-U12DX

Noctua’s NH-12DX i4 CPU cooler is based on the NH-U12 which was released back in 2005 and has since become the standard in quiet CPU coolers. Its 45mm fin depth makes it compatible with tall heatspreaders and optional memory fans. While there’s still room for improvement in this category the NH-U12DX has a number of nice features that make it a perfect choice for users of all budgets.

Its SecuFirm2 mounting systems are synonymous with quality safety and ease of use. This LGA1200 cooler supports Intel’s Xeon processors. It also supports the LGA2011 socket. The NH-U12DX i4 is designed to be easily installed and the NF-F12 Focused Flow 120mm fan is known for its quiet operation.

NH-U12DX i4

If you’re looking for a new CPU cooler the Noctua NH-U12DX i4 LGA1156 or LGA2066 is a good choice. This compact 45mm-deep cooler is compatible with these sockets as well as LGA1356 and LGA2066. You’ll also benefit from its automatic speed control and SecuFirm2 mounting system.

The NH-U12DX i4 with its two sockets and Independent Loading Mechanism (ILM) is a good choice for storage server motherboards. It’s easy to install has a minimal footprint and runs lean and silently. Its fan is 92mm in diameter and comes with a six-year warranty. It’s compatible with the newest generation of Intel processors.

NH-U9DX i4

The Noctua NH-U9DX i-4 LGA1200 CPU cooler supports various Intel LGA sockets. It features a two-fan design with 92mm blade tips and PWM control four copper heatpipes and a nickel-plated copper heatsink. This cooler is compatible with standard 4U cases which allows for easier installation and more precise temperature control.

The NH-U9DX i-4 LGA1200 cooler features a 56x94mm-diameter mounting system which can be installed on many Intel mainboards. The NH-U12DX i4 is also fully compatible with the Square ILM. Moreover the NF-B9 PWM supports dual fan configurations which is a great benefit for those who need dual-fan cooling.


Noctua’s NH-U12DO LGA1300 cooler is a highly capable low-noise cooling solution. Its six heatpipes and performance optimised fin stack make it the ideal choice for Xeon-based workstations and servers. Its mounting system includes a 4.1-inch spacing for 3.5-inch motherboards and it comes with SecuFirm2 ™ mounting systems that provide optimal placement and compatibility for a wide range of computer cases.

The NH-U12DO LGA1600 is also fully compatible with Intel’s upcoming 10 core/20-thread flagship model which is expected to generate far more heat than its predecessor the 8-core 9th Gen. Therefore the cooler needs to be able to deal with the increased TDP. It is also compatible with the NM-I3 upgrade kits for older CPUs.

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