Best Laser Tag Set for your Home

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A laser tag set is a great way to get your kids up and active, especially if they’re attached to their mobile phones or the TV.

Whether you have young children or you’re looking for a laser tag set for yourself and your friends, then there’s definitely an option for you. I’ll run through what I ended up going for, as well as the other options available you could opt for.

Best Laser Tag Guns

1. Kidpal Laser Tag Set

Kidpal Laser Tag Set, Laser Tag Guns Set of 4 with Vest for Boys & Girls Age 8 9 10 11 12, Lazer/Laser Tag Game for Family, Infrared Laser for Multi Player Teenager Kids and Adult Backyard & Outdoor
  • AMAZING LASER TAG SETS- You may usually see kids chasing each other around the house and yard for hours tagging each other. Laser tag sets with gun and vest lazer tag game designed for up to boys age 8-12. Turn your home or backyard into a lazer tag playground with Kidpal kids lazer tag set. They will have a laser battle with laser tag guns!
  • ENDLESS FUN FOR WHOLE FAMILY - Kids laser tag set is easy to figure out how to use. Things like team selection, shooting sound selections, optional led light for night play, reloading action make for deeply immersive gameplay, guaranteed to turn kids and adults away from their screens! Having a blast and create wonderful memories on holidays, snow days, or birthday parties, with a fun family lazer tag set! laser tag for boys age 8-12.
  • MULTI-TEAM KIDS LASER TAG SET - There are four team colors: blue, red, white, green. You can play as for individual players or set the laser gun up to be teams. There are also four bullet type: pistol (on hit), shotgun (two hits), machine gun (two hits) or rocket launcher (3 hits). The laser tag guns set of 4 with vest light up and vibrate and make noise. It will have so much fun taking kids laser tag set to the big playground and running around shooting each other.

Kidpal is one of the more popular brands when it comes to laser tag guns.

Their reputation speaks for itself, and if you check the reviews online, you’ll know that their customer service is pretty good too.

Their set of infrared laser tag blasters are a set of four guns that’s difficult to beat when it comes to value.

Why do I like this laser set a little more than the others? Well, firstly it gives you the option to easily interchange the guns and organize teams.

This means that it’s not difficult to have a 1 v 1 v 1 v 1 battle (a free-for-all) or set up teams however you’d like them. You can also opt for getting as many laser tag guns  as you’d like.

Although I did have a look online, I couldn’t find an exact maximum amount – but I’m guessing it’s within reason.

There’s also the option to continuously buy guns separately. This means if you buy a set of 4 and want to add another 1 or 2 later, you can always head over to Amazon and purchase some more.

The vests that the guns come with will have a chest sensor to register any hits so you can have fun with the whole family. This will allow you to track your team data and how many lives you have left.

There’s also more add ons with this set than there are with other laser tag sets. For example with my set, I got the additional ‘spiders’ or ‘robot bugs’. These are small moving robots that run around as targets.

This is ideal for only children, as they’ll always have someone to play with! You can also find a great capture the flag game with this set, though you’ll have to purchase that separately on Amazon.


  • Spiders – The spiders, or robot bugs, are a needed additional feature that proved to be a hit with younger kids. If one child wants to play but another doesn’t, then they can always play with the spiders instead.
  • Responsive – The guns are responsive and work well from both long and short ranges, which is nice.
  • Good customer service – Although I haven’t had a problem with my laser tag set, I did have a look on Amazon and saw a few people who did have an issue. The brand promptly offered a refund or replacement in the majority of cases, which is great.
  • Good value for money – For this price, it’s actually pretty good value when you compare it to other laser tag sets on the market.


  • No ammo shown – One thing that I did notice about this Kidpal set is that there’s no ammo shown on the display, which is something that I probably would have liked (although the kids didn’t notice).
  • Mid range quality – They are great value for the price, but if you have a bigger budget then you can find laser tag guns of a higher quality out there.


The best bang for your buck that you’ll find currently on the laser tag market. An awesome addition for anyone looking for a good quality laser tag set that won’t break the bank.

2. Armo Gear

ArmoGear Laser Tag – Laser Tag Guns with Vests Set of 4 – Multi Player Lazer Tag Set for Kids Toy for Teen Boys & Girls – Outdoor Game for Kids, Adults and Family – Ages 8+
  • AUTHENTIC LAZER TAG GAME 🔥 Turn your home or backyard into a laser tag arena with the ArmoGear laser tag blaster set, the most advanced set of laser tag blasters out there! No other laser tag set has real TARGET VESTS, INVISIBILITY MODE, NIGHT VISION FLASHLIGHT, VOICE-GUIDED DIRECTIONS, and an extreme 150 FT SHOOTING RANGE!
  • MULTI-PLAYER, MULTI-AMMO 🔥 Up to 4 teams can play in this riveting battle! Switch between the unique powers of PISTOL, SHOTGUN, MACHINE GUN, and ROCKET to blast your enemy and declare victory! These laser blasters are ergonomically designed with a solid grip in your hand, even for young kids. Using child-safe infrared emission.
  • FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY 🔥 Tactile vibrations and lifelike shooting sounds make for deeply immersive gameplay, turn kids and adults away from their screens! Have a blast and create cherished memories on holidays, snow days, or birthday parties, with a fun family laser tag tournament! It's the PERFECT GIFT IDEA, sure to delight kids of all ages!

The ArmoGear laser tag set certainly looks the part. The set comes with 4 guns, 4 vests and a wide variety of different in game modes to choose from. Check out the full Armogear review here.

Like the Kidpal set, the ArmoGear is ideal for a family of 4 and you have the option for having 1 v 1 v 1 v 1, 2 v 2 or whatever you decide on. You can also add another set if you wanted to get 8 blasters, but unfortunately you can’t buy the guns individually like you can with the Kidpal set. This makes it a bit awkward if you want to use 5 or 6 guns, but you could always purchase two sets to be safe.

What I particularly like about the ArmoGear set is that you get a ton of different options. With the firing modes, you have pistol, machine gun, shotgun and even a rocket launcher. Pretty ideal for kids, who love to play around with that type of stuff.

It also has a high range for shooting, with ArmoGear stating that you can shoot targets up to 150ft away. Pretty impressive. There’s also tons of different features that you can use too – night mode, invisibility mode and also voice guided directions.

I almost purchased the ArmoGear myself, but there was one main thing that stopped me from doing so. This is primarily because I feel this set would be better for older children. It’s a bit more expensive, and you’re aiming at vests instead of the guns.

With young kids, I preferred to just have a simple taser tag set where you just needed to aim at the guns themselves. Though if I had older kids, I’d likely have opted for the ArmoGear as there’s far more options and interactivity.

If you want to know more, then there’s a more comprehensive review about the Armogear Laser Tag Set here. There are different weapon modes (like invisible mode and rocket mode), different team settings and a whole host of other things that can make the game more enjoyable for you and your friends.


  • Good quality – If you want the very best option, sometimes you have to pay a little more than you usually would. Although this set is more expensive than the others, it’s one of the best quality laser tag sets on the market.
  • Full of cool features to keep the kids occupied – If you have older kids, then they’ll undoubtedly find the different settings and features a super cool aspect of this laser tag set. With 4 different gun types, an LED flashlight and a stealth mode, this is one of the better options for older kids that can appreciate these additional features.
  • Use with other sets – Another great thing about this set is that you can use this set with as many people as you want – 4, 8, 12, it doesn’t matter!


  • A Bit Expensive – If you’re just looking for a cheap laser tag set to play with your younger kids, then there are cheaper and more suitable options on the market. This set is really targeted at older kids and adults who can get the best use out of this laser tag gun set.
  • Relatively short battery life – With a battery life of around two hours, you’ll need to get some rechargeable batteries along with this set to ensure you don’t rack up a huge battery bill!


If you have a bigger budget, then you could choose to go for the ArmoGear laser tag gun set. If you want a gun set with vests, then this is the best option available in my opinion.

3. KidzLane

Kidzlane Laser Tag Guns Set of 4 | Lazer Tag Guns for Kids with 4 Team Players | Indoor and Outdoor Laser Tag Play Toy for Kids and Teens Boys and Girls | Kids Laser Tag for Boys Age 8-12
  • 4-TEAM ACTION TOY ✨ Organize breath-taking battles with your friends and get hooked to the most amazing action game! Pick your team in bright GREEN, RED, BLUE or WHITE, and let the merciless wars begin!
  • PICK YOUR AMMO ✨ Select one of the 4 Gun Settings - PISTOL, SHOTGUN, SUBMACHINE GUN and ROCKET- and pulverize the enemy! Ultra-realistic shooting sounds accompany each setting for a riveting game!
  • TOP NOTCH QUALITY ✨ Immerse yourself in the action! These Laser Blasters light up and vibrate while shooting as far as 130ft! Each gun mode comes with a different range of life bars, available shots and booming sounds that will blow your mind!

Another potential option if you’re looking for a set of laser tag guns is to opt for this one from Kidzlane.

The Kidzlane set would also be a good option for a laser tag set. It’s extremely similar to the Armogear set, but quite significantly cheaper – which may sway your decision somewhat. You don’t get the vests with the Kidzlane set, so bare that in mind whether that’s a dealbreaker for you.

Like the Armogear, you get a pretty good 130 foot shooting range. This is adequate whether you’re playing indoors or whether you decide to take the action outside to the garden. You’re unlikely to need anything more than this, and if you do need more than that then you might need to consider getting professional equipment.

Essentially, it all boils down to whether you want the laser tag vests. Vests are good, and do provide a greater surface area for your kids to aim. The majority of laser tag sets have decided to stop including vests however, favoring the use of the gun as the target point. I’ve used both, and I can honestly say that whilst vests aren’t a necessity, they are a little better – especially for older kids.


  • Good price – These guns are pretty cheap for a full set of 4, especially when you consider the different playing options and gun choices that you have.
  • Quick reload – You can easily reload the Kidzlane Laser Guns by pressing a button near the clip (at the bottom!).


  • Reset is difficult for little kids – If your kids are really young, then they may have difficulty resetting the gun after they’ve been killed. You have to go through the setup process every time, which can be frustrating.
  • Not top quality – These guns aren’t the best quality available. If you want better quality, you’ll likely have to increase your budget.


A cheaper option than the Armogear laser tag set if you don’t mind omitting the vests – a safe choice. But, not as good history as Armogear and potentially not the same customer service levels.

4. LaserX Sport Blasters

Laser X Sport Blasters
  • Real Life Laser Gaming Experience
  • Blast opponent up to 200 ft. range
  • Play in teams or individual

Not everyone is going to need a full set of 4 guns. For those people who only need 1 or 2, you may be better off looking at Laser X as an option.

You’ve likely seen the Laser X Gun Sets in your local Walmart/Target at some point over the past few years. Here I’ve included the Laser X Sport Blaster pair.

Laser X are one of the more popular brands around, with their products available internationally. The Long Range Blaster is their most popular product to date, but this part are a great option too.

The good thing about Laser X is that all of their products work together. This means that whether you’re using the Blaster or another gun, they all work with each other. Of course, this does mean that you need to stay with the brand.

It’s extremely simple to use – to reload, all you have to do is hold the trigger down for a few seconds and tilt the gun downwards. Kids can pick this up really easily, even if they’re young.

They have a long distance aim of around 200 feet (60 metres), which is great for a laser gun. It also has a cool rapid fire mode, which allows you to get off 25 shots in a short amount of time.

If you want more than one Laser X gun, then you could opt for the Fusion set. Or, just purchase numerous of this pair (I’ve also done a more comprehensive review on the Long Range Blaster, which is similar to this set but with longer range).


  • Great shooting range – It’s not called a long range blaster for nothing – the 200 foot shooting range is particularly impressive.
  • Robust – Unlike some other laser tag guns, you won’t be worried about this breaking if you drop it – it’s pretty robust in build.


  • Really, really loud – You can turn the volume completely off with Laser X – but not down (you can turn down the volume on the headphones but not on the unit itself).
  • No guarantee past 3 months – Laser X don’t offer a long guarantee – 3 months just isn’t ideal for any laser tag set.


If you want an established brand, then you know what you’re getting with Laser X products. They also have some cool additional items like the Laser X Tower – great for kids who like variety.

5. Nerf LTX Tagger

Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-Pack (Amazon Exclusive)
  • This version comes in simple brown packaging
  • Complete 2-player system lets you battle in intense real-life lazer combat
  • Features 2 Phoenix LTX taggers for fun, action-packed competition

The Nerf LTX Tagger set are Nerf’s original venture into the realm of laser tag, with them being originally released over 10 years ago now. They’ve of course been updated since then, but they’re pretty much the same design and specifications as they were.

It’s definitely a simple to use version of a laser tag gun set. You can easily see whether you’ve been shot by the red button that flashes on top of the gun. If you have younger children, it’s important not to overwhelm them too much with fancy reload buttons.

What I prefer about this set is that you actually get the option of 25 lives (or 10). With the Kidpal set, you only get the option of having 9 lives, which sometimes isn’t enough if you want to play laser tag for an extended period of time.


  • Very cheap – The accuracy of this set is far better than most-  you really can shoot your enemies from 300 feet away, which is cool.
  • Shield time – An extra added element to these guns is ‘shield time’. Each game, you get a few seconds of shield time – where no one can shoot you and you can’t shoot them either. Not exactly necessary, but good if you get surrounded and want to escape.
  • Mix and match – Like the other laser gun sets, you can mix and match this one with others to ensure that you’ve got enough guns and teams.


  • Expensive – If you need more than two guns, you’ll need to buy multiple sets and that makes them kinda expensive.
  • Regular reloading is hard – With this set, you have to reload after every ten shots. This can be quite difficult for younger kids, though if they’re 4+ then they should be able to manage it.


The LTX Tagger set are the oldest set around and still one of the most loved. A good option if you only need two laser guns in the household.

Common Questions about Laser Tag Sets

What Class Laser do these sets use (and are they safe)?

All of the laser tag sets that I’ve listed here emit less than 1mW of power. I doubt very much you’ll find any retail laser guns that emit more than this, simply because well.. they don’t need to be more powerful than that. The mW means that the lasers that these guns emit are less than 1 milliwatts, which is generally deemed safe to use without eyewear. There are minimal cases of any damage ever being recorded with this power of laser, and the few cases that have been recorded were with more powerful lasers (5mW) and temporary damage. This also only occurred after holding the laser at the eye for more than 10 seconds, which is common sense not to do with any laser toys.

Should I let my kid play with toy guns?

I know there’s the whole debate on whether kids should play with toy guns at all, but I don’t think it’s an issue. Studies show that play wrestling is good for kids development, and kids pretending to shoot guns is no different. Heck, my kids were shooting me with their toast crusts since kindergarten! So, I don’t think there’s anything to worry about getting a laser tag gun set for your kids (but that’s your decision).

Do Laser Tag sets work in the daytime?

Yes, the majority of laser tag sets will still work perfectly fine in the daytime. But, they are undoubtedly better to use in the nighttime or at least a dark environment to get the full effect of the laser fun.

Why Choose Laser Tag?

Why should you consider getting your kids a laser tag set? Well, there are a few things that spurred me into buying my own kids a set, and I’ll share them with you.

Getting them off their iPads/Video Games/TV

Ask anyone who knows me – I love technology. But, I’m not too keen on my kids spending hours and hours a day indoors playing video games, watching TV and their new favorite thing – playing on the iPad.

Sure, these things are fine in moderation. But, I was having difficulty actually getting my kids to get up off the sofa and go outside and play!

With the laser tag set, they’re more encouraged to take a break and give their eyes a rest for a little while.

Fresh Air and Exercise

Continuing that theme, I think that exercise is super important. Not only physically, but it’s proven exercise is good for their brain, too.

Laser tag is a fun way to get them running around for a little while. You might not think it’s that intensive (it doesn’t have to be!), but it can be quite the workout if you’re playing for more than half an hour or so.

Teaches them to win and lose

Not all kids want to join a soccer team. Like me, my kids are slightly introverted and don’t take well to group sports at school. But, I still believe that teaching kids to take part in activities is important. And laser tag is a great way to do this.

Family Bonding

It enables us to do something together as a family! I’m always looking for fun things to do with the kids, and laser tag is just another thing that I can add to the list.

You can use your laser tag toys in an indoor or outdoor setting too, and the best laser tag sets will give you the ability to use both.


Finding a non contact activity for your kids to play can be tough. Although the majority of kids do enjoy roughhousing a little, laser tag provides them with an activity that you don’t need to make contact with others.

This means that if you have kids of different ages, you don’t need to worry about their age gap – and size difference – becoming an issue when they’re playing. In fact, my youngest often beats my eldest when we’re playing laser tag (and sometimes me, too!).


Overall, I ended up going for the Kidpal Laser Tag set as my choice. I wanted to spend less than $100, so when I saw that set of 4 available I thought that it would make a good buy. I went on afterwards to buy another Kidpal Gun with an extra robot spider, which has proven to be a hit too.

A laser tag set is a good investment for you and your family if you’re trying to find things that you can do together. It’s awesome for getting the kids up and out in the garden, giving them an opportunity to exercise before they go to bed.

I was tasked recently with trying to find the best laser tag set for my kids (and me) to enjoy. It turned out to be quite the task, as there’s quite a few different options currently available on the market.

A laser tag set is a great way to get your kids up and active, especially if they’re attached to their mobile phones or the TV. For some reason, kids seem to have an obsession with certain things.

Lasers and guns seem to be at the top of the cool list. And before you say anything about laser guns being a ‘boys toy’, that’s simply not true – my daughter loves this set as much as the rest of us!

Whether you have young children or you’re looking for a laser tag set for yourself and your friends, then there’s definitely an option for you. I’ll run through what I ended up going for, as well as the other options available you could opt for.

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