Laser Rust Removal – The Definitive Guide

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If you’re considering laser rust removal, then you’re definitely not alone. A rusty car can be an absolute nightmare, so it’s worth considering ways to get rid of the rust if you want to keep it in pristine condition. Unfortunately, there aren’t many things that you can do to totally prevent rust on your car – though there are precautionary measures that you can take that will help to ensure that your cars lifespan is longer than usual.

The main issue with laser rust removal is that whilst it definitely work – and works well – it just takes far too long for it to be a viable method to get rid of rust. A grinder can do an almost as good job in the same amount of time.

Although this isn’t anything too impressive right now, this still doesn’t take away the intrigue that’s associated with laser rust removal. They use a much more powerful laser than what you’d find in a presentation clicker. Is it worth considering as a future method for getting your car back to its pristine original condition?

Laser rust removal is a very popular method for salvaging old and rusty tools and machinery. Laser rust removal has solved problems that cannot be handled by sandblasting or grinding, as it allows the surface to remain relatively intact while removing the unwanted layer of rust. Laser rust removal can also cut costs, improve safety in industrial environments, and reduce air pollution associated with other such methods.

The most common use of Laser Rust Removal is in cutting metal parts that are too rusted to saw through using traditional methods like water jet cutters or CNC (computer numerically controlled) pipe mills. Laser rust removal can also be used on steel and stainless-steel plate between 1/16″ [1 millimeter] and 1″ [25 millimeters], which should be useful for most mechanics. Laser rust removal is also extremely useful on the steel and stainless-steel bar stock that is used to make metal parts because Laser Rust Removal can remove most layers of rust from these materials without affecting their mechanical properties.

How Laser Rust Removal Works

Laser rust removal generally works by using a high powered laser to get rid of the rust that’s coated your automobile. Simple, huh? Well if we want to go further in depth, the lasers that are used are generally between 50-1000mW, which isn’t actually that powerful if you consider the general power of lasers. But higher powered lasers are used to deal with extreme rust.

If you’re thinking that laser rust removal is similar to paint removal, then you really couldn’t be further from the truth. Although you might think that they are similar, they’re really nothing alike. Essentially, the lasers use extremely high powers to turn the rust into a plasma. This sounds really complex, but it isn’t. For things like laser engraving, you’ll only need to use lasers that are roughly 50mW in power to engrave metal. If you increase the power dramatically, you’re going to easily turn the rust into plasma.

What does laser rust removal look like?

If you’ve ever wondered what laser rust removal really looks like, then this video is a really good example of it at work. It seems that more and more videos are surfacing of this process, so perhaps it will flow over into the mainstream in the future.

Should you consider laser rust removal?

At the time of writing, you should only consider laser rust removal if you have the cash. The prices are far more expensive than the majority of people can afford, so you don’t want to consider laser rust removal unless you have the cash in the bank.

One major advantage Laser Rust Removal has over other methods like water jet cutting and CNC pipe mills is that it does not use any actual physical contact with the material, so there is less wear and tear on the equipment, even if Laser Rust Removal is used every day for years at a time. Laser rust removal also does not create as much dust or fumes as traditional methods of removing rust because Laser Rust Removal only removes an extremely thin surface layer of material, which causes far less damage than more invasive procedures [in this case].

Another good reason to try Laser Rust Removal is cost. Laser rust removal works through Laser Ablation, and Laser Ablation has been very successful in many medical procedures, so Laser Rust Removal is a proven method to remove iron oxide from metal surfaces. Laser ablation is often used by dermatologists and plastic surgeons for skin treatment purposes, so Laser Rust Removal has already had years of testing under more or less the same conditions that Laser Rust Removal will be used on rust. In addition to being effective and affordable, Laser rust removal can also be carried out at any time of day or under any atmospheric condition without affecting the results of the procedure [in most cases].


Currently, laser rust removal is only for the extremely wealthy and it will likely be that way for some time into the future. Hopefully as technology advanced, this kind of method of rust removal will become easily available to all as it is a much easier way to remove rust than other methods. A laser rust removal machine can cost upwards of $50,000, so it’s definitely not for everyone.

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