Klipsch vs Kef Speakers

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When you’re talking about speakers, two of the first brands that pop into any audiophiles head is going to be Klipsch and Kef. Whilst they’re quite different to one another, they’re still at the forefront of the audio industry.

But if you’re comparing both of these brands to one another, which one of them is going to be the better choice overall? Well, we’re going to look at this British vs American clash in a little closer detail. This way, you can work out which one of the two may suit you most.

Klipsch vs Kef Speakers

Out of the two brands, Kef are the better known of the two when it comes to high end speakers, and they’re often folks first choice to look at. If you’re looking for a budget to mid-range set of speakers, then Klipsch have a lot speakers at this price point for you to choose from.


American brand Klipsch are pretty well known nowadays. This is by both the novice and the experts, as they’ve managed to do pretty well keeping both areas of the market happy. Many brands struggle with this, and find they have to focus on one portion of the market specifically (entry level or high end).

And Klipsch do have a pretty good range of speakers to suit anyone, including some of the best ceiling speakers out there. Well known for their distinguished copper woofers, it’s very easy to tell when you’re listening to a pair of Klipsch speakers. Although they do have a range to chose from, nowadays they’re probably most well known for their full home setups.


  • In terms of value for money, it’s very hard to find a set of speakers that can match Klipsch. Even some of their cheaper speakers are surprisingly good, so they’re definitely worth checking out.
  • They have much more to offer at the lower end of the price range in comparison to Kef, who although do have some cheaper models, don’t have the same amount of products that are affordable to many folks.
  • In terms of current releases, over the last decade or so Klipsch have probably had the better of not just Kef, but many different speaker brands out there. They’ve released some of their best speakers in recent years.


  • Although many people think that Klipsch speakers are pretty good to look at and enjoy their signature copper style, they’re not on par with Kef when it comes to aesthetics.
  • Another area where they probably can’t match Kef is in the higher end of the market. Klipsch do have a lot to offer at more expensive prices, but Kef are the better option here for most.
  • Something that’s often said about Klipsch is that their sound is kind of a love/hate thing, with their Klipsch horns being an acquired taste.


The British brand are one of the most well known in the speaker industry today. They have a long history in the speaker industry, and they’ve often been heralded as one of the top brands to choose from.

Kef are actually one of those brands that some people seem to love, and some seem to hate. However, unlike Bose who specialties lie in cheaper range products like portable speakers, Kef are more well known for their high end products, even though they do have a few pairs at the budget end of the price range. Kef are well known for their signature driver, which helps to increase the overall clarity of your music.

And although Kef speakers can be expensive, they’re nothing in comparison to other brands out there (think Dynaudio). Kef speakers are only expensive in comparison to cheaper budget brands like Polk, but in comparison to other audiophile speakers, they’re not actually that costly.


  • Even Kef critics can admit that some of the speakers they’ve released over the last few decades have been aesthetically impressive, and they’re probably the most highly regarded speaker brand in terms of appearance.
  • If you buy a set of Kef speakers, then you buy them for the next decades, not for the next few years. Although pricey for some, they’re definitely made to last.
  • As well as having a good range of high end products to choose from, they also have a pretty big selection of budget speakers to choose from as well. So, there’s really something for everyone.


  • One of the biggest criticisms of Kef is that they’re overpriced for what you’re actually getting in terms of sound. Whilst they might be good if you’ve got the extra cash to spare, you might be able to get better sounding speakers for cheaper.
  • Whilst many people think that Kef are the best looking speakers on the market, if you’re not bothered about what you’re speakers look like then you might want to look elsewhere. Often, Kef speakers are designed to be trendy and fashionable as much as they are for performance.


In conclusion, it’s pretty easy to see the difference between these two brands. Although quite similar, Kef have more of a reputation for high end products than Klipsch do, so many folks looking for a more established sound will head to Kef first. This is no slight on Klipsch, who have their own fans too (probably more so in the US than in the UK). Klipsch have a good range of models at the lower end of the price scale, too.

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