JBL vs Sony Speakers – Which is better?

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There are many different brands out there for us to choose from when we’re looking for a new sound system or a portable Bluetooth speaker. Two of the most well known of them are both JBL and Sony, which have maintained their popularity for the last decade and more.

But how do these two brands shape up if you compare them to one another? Well, here are some of the differences and similarities between the brands JBL and Sony.

JBL vs Sony Speakers

The main difference between JBL and Sony speakers is that JBL’s are the better choice for those looking for a crisp and clear sound.

However, if you’re looking for a little more bass from your speaker, then I’d advise that you check out some of Sony’s speakers instead.

Of course, this is just a very brief overview of the two brands, and we’ll need to look at them both a little closer to determine which is really the better choice of the two. So, let’s investigate more about both Sony and JBL.


One of the biggest names within the audio industry, JBL have been around for more than 70 years now.

They’ve long been associated with affordable audio equipment, but they’re also pretty well known for their higher end models as well.

Whilst JBL is it’s own company, they were actually bought a few years ago by Samsung (not only JBL, but a whole host of companies under the Harman brand were purchased, including AKG too).

Let’s look at some of the positive and negative aspects of JBL speakers.

Top JBL speaker – JBL Boombox

One of the top portable speakers currently available in the JBL Boombox. It’s a powerhouse of a portable speaker, and it’s one of the heaviest models currently available.

This is because of its rough and rugged design, which will definitely be reliable in the long term.

And whilst it’s heavy, it’s hard to find a portable speaker with the same amount of quality. In true Boombox fashion, it also has a handle at the top of the speaker too, which makes it very easy to pick up and carry it to wherever you need to go.


  • From an overall sound perspective, JBL speakers tend to be a little better than most Sony models in my experience. However, this isn’t the case for all models, then you’ll want to check them out at an individual level too.
  • For those looking to build their own home theater, then JBL are generally clear of Sony in this regard. They have a good range of surround speakers and soundbars for you to choose from.
  • JBL have a good range of different options for you to choose from, whether you’re looking for a small wifi speaker or a large subwoofer.


  • JBL speakers don’t quite have the bass to match Sony speakers, so if you’re looking for speakers with a lot of bass, then this brand is probably not the best option.
  • Generally, JBL speakers tend to be the more rugged and rougher of the two speakers. Whilst this will suit some people, they tend to have worse fabric than Sony speakers.
  • Typically, out of the two JBL have less features and integrations with other devices.


Sony really needs no introduction, as they’re one of the biggest electronics brands in the business. Whilst speakers aren’t necessarily their speciality, they still have a pretty good range for you to choose from.

As well as having different Bluetooth speakers to choose from, Sony also have a range of different hifi systems which are pretty good too. But mainly, they’re known for their wireless Bluetooth speakers, more so than anything else.

Top Sony Speaker – XB43

If we’re comparing a Sony speaker to the high end Boombos, then it’s only fair that we look at one of Sony’s better (and more expensive) models as well.

The XB43 is a nifty speaker with a real emphasis on bass, which is definitely needed if you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker that can carry sound.

Whilst bass is the main focus of this speaker, it isn’t the only thing that it has to offer.

It also manages to carry mid-range sounds very well too, and like the Boombox, it’s definitely one of the more resilient and sturdy Bluetooth speakers available too.


  • If you’re looking for speakers that pack a punch, then Sony will definitely be a good option. They tend to be pretty robust speakers, with a lot of bass.
  • The fabric on Sony speakers is very soft and light, which is better than JBL if we’re making a comparison between the two.
  • Both of these brands tend to make speakers at the higher end of your budget, however for your money, Sony have more integrated features than JBL.


  • Generally Sony speakers aren’t as clear as JBL speakers. So if you’re looking for the crispest sound with full clarity, then looking at another brand than Sony is probably a good idea.
  • Whilst both of these brands of speakers tend to be very durable and hardy, there’s no doubting that JBL speakers are the best on the market for this at the moment.
  • Sony’s speakers are pretty good, but their real speciality lies in other areas of tech equipment, like their headphones.


Whilst there actually isn’t a massive difference between these two brands in terms of performance, one of them is likely to suit your needs a little better than the other.

If you’re focussed on words and play a lot of pop music, then you’ll want the extra clarity than the JBL speaker range can bring.

But if you play more alternative styles of music that need some bass, like Funk and Jazz, then a Sony speaker might be more your style. But either way, both brands are pretty reliable.

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