Jaybird X4 vs Freedom – Which is best? [Updated 2020]

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Jaybird are one of the most popular companies around when it comes to wireless headphones and sports headphones. Although you might not have heard of them if you’re not into tech stuff, they’re actually owned by Logitech, who you’ve undoubtedly heard of as a leading brand within the Speakers and Computing field. They’re major competitors to headphones like Raycon and Airpods.

Two of the most popular Jaybird ranges are the X’s and the Freedoms, which have seen new releases over the previous few years. So if you’re looking for a new set of wireless headphones for exercising, then these are usually your first port of call. But which of the two models is best, and what are the differences between them?

Well, we’ll take a look at the similarities between the X’s and the Freedoms to try and determine which might make a better choice for you.

Jaybird X4 vs Freedom

So, Jaybird’s X series really took off in 2015 when they released the Jaybird X2’s. The company was big before that, but this helped propel them to different levels, and they were purchase for $50 million by Logitech the year after.

Jaybird X4 – Worth the Upgrade?

The most recent released from the Jaybird Series is the X4 model, which was released towards the end of 2018. It was a much anticipated upgrade on the Jaybird X3’s, which have a few sticky problems that you’ll be aware of if you’ve ever used them.

The main problem with the Jaybird X3’s is that there were a lot of complaints that they are not fully waterproof, and the sound becomes distorted in the rain. This might not be a problem for a lot of people, but if you’re exercising outdoors and it starts to thump it down, you don’t want to have to worry about your headphones. So, the main upgrade that the X4’s have over the X3’s is that they cope with water a whole lot better than the X3’s.

Bear in mind that this isn’t just waterproof against rain, but they also handle sweat a lot better than the X3’s as well. Whilst this was a well needed upgrade, there isn’t a whole lot else between the X3’s and the X4’s to note. They still have the same design and roughly the same battery life, so if you’re looking for a total upgrade on the previous X3’s, then unfortunately the X4’s don’t provide that.

Jaybird X3 vs Freedom 2

So, now we’ve clarified that from a specifications point the X3’s and the X4’s are extremely similar, let’s take a look at the X series against the Freedoms.

For the most part, the X3’s are going to be the better choice if you compare them directly to the Freedoms. Why? Well, there are a few different reasons why they are going to be a better option for you.

Firstly, the quality of sound is better in the X Series. Why? Well, the main reason for this is that with the Freedom headphones, all of the internals are in the mic side of the headphones. This gives you an unbalanced sound when you’re listening through them – I don’t know why they decided to do this, but it wasn’t a good decision in my opinion.

You’ll also notice the difference in the shape. For 99% of people, the X Series are going to fit into your ears better. I say this because I have one friend that likes the way that the Freedoms fit, but numerous others that tried them and just didn’t like them. So if you hate headphones that constantly fall out of your ears, then you’re going to hate the Freedoms.

Finally, the X3’s and X3’s are much better for phone calls. I’ve used the Freedoms before and although they were okay, I did find them getting a little spotty during the phone call that I made. This is rarely the case with the X3’s, which makes them the better option for this in my opinion.

Pros and Cons of the Jaybird X3’s (and X4’s)


 Sound quality – The Jaybird X Series undoubtedly have the edge in terms of sound quality itself in my opinion. Whilst there’s not a whole lot in it, they’re noticeably better in my opinion.

Battery Life – The X3’s have a much better battery life in comparison to the Freedoms. This is one of the main complaints about the Freedoms, as they only give you about 4-5 hours battery life, which just isn’t enough for most people.

 Waterproof – Although I’m disappointed with the improvements in the X4’s, I do appreciate that they took the comments and review on board about the X3’s struggling to deal with sweat and rain. So, they get a plus for that. 


 A little expensive – One of the main things that I don’t like about the X Series is their high price point. This puts them at the same price point as the Bose Soundsport Wireless, which are known for being expensive. The Freedom earbuds generally retail at a cheaper price, so they might be worth considering.

 Not much on an upgrade – I waited a long time for the Jaybird X4’s and was hoping they were going to be a complete upgrade on the X3’s. I can’t lie – I was definitely disappointed, and they really weren’t much of an upgrade, if at all. So, if you already have the X3’s, it’s definitely not worth getting the X4’s. Let’s hope the X5’s will provide us more of the upgrade we need (an extended battery life would be nice!).

Pros and Cons of the Jaybird Freedoms


 Cheap Price – The main thing that you’ll prefer about the Freedoms is undoubtedly the price. If you search hard enough you can usually find the Freedoms at least $20-30 cheaper than the X Series, which might be a decisive factor for some people.

 Compact – The Freedoms are a better choice for those that are looking for something that’s small and compact. Although the fit of the headphones doesn’t do anything for me, it might be a better choice for some other people.


 Poor battery life – The battery life is the main drawback of the Freedoms. You’re only going to get a little more than half the same battery as the X3’s which is pretty poor.

 Spotty reception – One of the main drawbacks about the Freedoms is that they’re not great at dealing with phone calls. They work well as headphones, but they’re not nearly as good when you make and receive phone calls. So, that’s something to bear in mind.

 High volume voice prompts – OI don’t know who designed the voice prompts in these headphones, but they’re way too loud. They really make you appreciate your ear drums, and there’s no option to turn them down either.


Overall, if you’re comparing these two models to each other, then the Jaybird X Series is the clear winner out of the two. They’re much better in the long run, especially with the X4 waterproof upgrade, which makes them perfect for sweaty guys like me. They also have a better sound quality and a better battery life too, which makes them the best choice out of these two headphones.

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