Is Your PS5 Bricked?

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If you’re one of the many PlayStation 5 owners who’ve recently experienced a bricked console you’re not alone. Reddit users have shared their frustration with the PS5 bricking process. One user named dogen_lives_in_glass has shared his PS5 grief. Fortunately his problem was not the end of the world. He quickly identified a few common causes including faulty surge protectors malware and software updates.

Horizon Forbidden West

The latest issue with Horizon Forbidden West has caused some players to wonder if the game is bricked. While the developers have yet to address the problem there have been numerous reports of the game being bricked and many people have been tweeting about their experience. While it is possible for the game to be bricked this is not something that should be a major concern as you can simply make a cloud save before the game starts to crash.

The best way to fix the problem is to simply restart the PlayStation 5. Some PlayStation 5 users have reported that the game bricks their PlayStation 5 consoles. The problem will disappear as soon as you restart your console. This method will also not delete any saved data so it is important to perform the procedure carefully. This will prevent the game from being bricked in the future. If you’re unable to solve the problem within an hour you may want to consult with a PlayStation support specialist.


If you are experiencing the dreaded ‘PS5 bricked due to malware’ problem there are a few ways to fix it. If your PlayStation 5 is not turning on you can check the error logs to see which files are causing the problem. Many of these errors are related to the firmware and system files. If you have accidentally deleted some of these files they can cause a bricked PS5. Restoring these files can solve the problem. A factory reset is another option.

The problem of malware infecting your console is a common one. The malware can infect your console’s firmware and then brick it. You can also brick your PS5 if you’ve installed unofficial software or firmware. If you brick your PS5 you won’t be able to play any of your games. If you’ve bricked your PS5 due to malware you can still try to retrieve it from Sony’s support center.

Faulty surge protectors

If you have a PlayStation 5 and you are concerned that your surge protector is faulty you’re not alone. The PlayStation 5 is not only susceptible to power surges but it can also suffer permanent damage if it is not protected properly. Surge protectors detect this power surge and divert the excess voltage to a grounding wire which runs parallel to the hot and neutral wires. This outlet then safely delivers the safe current to the devices that are plugged into the surge protector.

The surge protectors are designed to provide additional outlets and USB charging ports as well as surge protection from power surges that can harm electronic equipment. Surge protectors come in various prices and features but many of them make a lot of marketing promises that are questionable. Therefore you should shop around before buying one. The best surge protectors will have multiple outlets and plenty of wall outlets. If you’re looking for a surge protector for your PS5 you should consider the features and design of the surge protector.

Software updates

If you have a PlayStation 5 you have likely heard about the infamous ‘brick’ issue. This problem has caused major problems for some users and Sony has issued warnings regarding the latest update. Thankfully this problem does not affect everyone and you can still play online. You just need to make sure you’ve updated the system software. Here are some things to look for to ensure the update is not causing you any problems.

First make sure you’ve checked for a legitimate web association before you install any update. Many times the update fails to install properly. Try to unplug your PS5 and network equipment for 30 seconds and plug them back in. Also check if there’s a PlayStation Network server outage. If all else fails you can manually update your PS5 through USB. However if you’re not comfortable using the system update method try to contact PlayStation Support.

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