Is Star Wars rebels worth watching?

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There’ll be spoilers on Star Wars:The Clone Wars and light spoilings for Star Wars Rebels. Star Wars’ Clone Wars has been canceled after nearly 12 years. However, fans are faced with a future without any new episodes of “The Clone Wars”. Do you think this is an exciting thing? Star Wars Rebels is certainly worth viewing.

Is Star Wars rebels worth watching?

Rebel’s” animation series is the more complicated show in release order because seasons 2 through 4 are coming up as between some more recent series movies. Unlike Star Wars Squadrons, you can enjoy all 4 episodes of CLOUD WARS along with “Revenge of the Slayers.”

Star Wars Rebels is good Star Wars Rebels is good

The animation styles in Rebel & Clone Wars are very different and there seems to be an obvious distinction between Rebels being produced on Disney and Clone Wars on Cartoon Network. The format is also different – serialized Rebel focusing on a particular character instead of going through galaxy-wide.

The Star Wars Rebel isn’t the same thing as “Star Wars” Clone Wars. Rebel Wars are really great Star Wars movies. If the fandom can stop believing in magical space magics in clone-fought animations and stop believing the animated Rebels films.


A street orphan tries to rescue Imperial slaves. Teen orphans help rescue the kings on the streets in their rescue efforts. The teenager helps in rescue attempts by Imperial slaves. The rebels intercept a supply of weaponry destined for the Empire accidentally bringing droids.

Upon returning home Ezra steals the car. The Rebels undertake courageous rescue missions but face strong adversaries. He scouts a secret area to discover crucial details. Shea and Sabine are trapped when they go for a supply but discover they are not alone.

Who doesn’t love the original trilogy era?

The first Star Wars trilogy begins five years prior to events in New Hope, so technically this film will be after the original trilogy. The action in Clone Wars fades in a year.

Unlike the Clone Wars, Star Wars fans can observe Rebel conflict knowing that the good guys will end up winning the game while Clone Wars fans knew that order was just the beginning. The Rebellion will eventually achieve victory instead of tragedies. The dance party in the Ewoks around the time the Jedi was born has yet to come.

Rebels follows New Characters With Unknown Fates

Although part of the appeal of “The Clone Wars” came when you could meet some prequel characters in this series, I didn’t experience any real tension in my opinion.

When Anakin Obi-Wan or Yoda got hurt there was nothing that worried me. It is the same in Mace Windu and the Jedi who survive until the Revenge of Sith. How Maul returned was an unexpected event but most of the characters were destined there. Not for the Star Wars Rebellion.

Rebels is a Clone Wars sequel (kind of)

Unlike Star Wars Rebels, Star Wars Rebels has its own show which is set within its own time frame with its own animation style. Rebellions will actually answer many of the big remaining questions from the end of the Clone Wars finale. The Clone Wars has many answers. Rebels focuses on rebel Ghost crews and not on Ahsoka Tano.

Is Star Wars Rebels worth watching after Clone Wars?

There are several other animated Star Wars Series that are coming after The Clan Wars and Star Wars Rebels will be worth watching. I don’t think the Star Wars Rebels is an updated version of Clone Wars 2, but it’s a must-have movie for anyone who enjoys the Clone Wars and Rebels.

Do you need to watch The Clone Wars movie before the series?

You should definitely watch the film to learn more about The Clone Wars series. It is mainly a longer episode which features a trip between Obi-Wan and Anakin.

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