Is sonos play:1 being discontinued?

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With its excellent remote control app, compatibility with dozens of the most popular streaming music services, and support for the latest technologies like Alexa, Google Assistant, and AirPlay 2, it’s a great system that just keeps getting better. With Sonos Play1, you also need Echo Dot, Echo, or Echo Plus to achieve the same result. The only difference is that the Sonos One speakers have a built-in Alexa with a microphone for two-way communication through Alexa. The only difference is that the Sonos One speakers have a built-in Alexa with a microphone for two-way communication through Alexa.

In terms of color, both come in a dark and light tone. The only difference is that Play 1 has a bright metal and graphite grille, while Sonos SL comes in a plain white or black grille.

What is the difference between Sonos One?

Sonos One measures 6.4 in x 4.7 in x 4.7 in (16.15 cm x 12 cm x 12 cm) and is available in either white with a white matte grid or in black with a matte black grid. Sonos wireless home ecosystem is one of the easiest and best-sounding ways to add music to any room in your home. No doubt you know that all Sonos speaker models deliver amazingly dynamic sound. One is no exception. The Sonos One also comes with Apple AirPlay 2, Apple’s latest standard for multi-room wireless audio.

Is Sonos Play:1 set?

And because the cycle has shortened slightly, Sonos has also worked with other tech companies (like Amazon and Google) that operate in their own faster release cycles and can determine when or how certain software features work or may no longer work. Earlier this month, the New York Times reported that Sonos is suing Google, one of its partners, in two federal courts, claiming that the software giant infringed five Sonos patents and is generally putting pressure on smaller players like Sonos. After some outcry from users and media, Sonos announced that it would continue to offer limited support for legacy, and promised they would continue to work after May. All three speakers require a Wi-Fi connection and the Sonos app, which is available for iOS and Android devices, as well as Mac and PC.

Can Sonos Play:1 and Sonos One work together?

The Sonos One builds on an already great speaker and comes with Alexa support, AirPlay 2, capacitive buttons, and the ability to control many of your smart home devices. To make things confusing, you can have multiple Sonos devices that the app shows as different rooms in the same physical space. However, if AirPlay isn’t that important, you can play music on both speakers at the same time via the Sonos app. The Sonos room name can be selected from a list or entered manually to avoid the potential confusion.

It can stream from over 50 services via the Sonos app and can be paired with another Sonos One to produce immersive stereo sound.