Is Oculus Rift Focus For You?

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If you’re planning to build an application using the Oculus Rift virtual reality platform you should consider whether or not you need to support the input API of the company. The input API of Oculus is similar to that of HTC and Google Daydream. However there are differences between these platforms and you should decide which one suits your needs best. In this article we’ll take a look at some of the features of each.

Oculus Research

Facebook is now incorporating Oculus’ VR research into its business. Oculus’ Chief Scientist Michael Abrash announced the change on his personal Facebook page. In the post he also explained that the company has been using AR Camera Effects technology throughout Facebook which he says will bring a more realistic 3D experience. He also said the company is working on new research into avatars in its Spaces app.

Oculus is attempting to divert attention from the privacy issue by using its privacy policy and perceived operational independence from Facebook as a shield. While Oculus claims that privacy is one of its top priorities it’s also giving Facebook the right to use user data to help advertise its products. The company’s privacy policy however is more in line with the interests of Facebook than its consumers. In other words Facebook’s interests are the focus of Oculus’s business model.


HTC Vive Focus is a wireless VR headset. You can try out virtual reality content without worrying about bumping into co-workers. This headset is compatible with Android and iOS devices. While the original version of Vive is no longer available the company continues to sell its certified pre-owned package for a low price. This headset is not suitable for everyday use. Instead it’s aimed at consumers who want to experience VR in a comfortable and easy way.

The Viveport store has a robust selection of games and apps but it suffers from an awkward payment scheme. While you can purchase VR experiences as a one-time purchase HTC also offers a Viveport Infinity subscription for $13/month. Viveport Vista works with all-in-one devices so it makes it easier to buy content. Unfortunately there are not many big-name games or exclusives available in the store.

Google Daydream

Unlike its earlier attempts at VR Google is not focusing on developing a standalone Daydream headset. While it will continue to support existing users the company is largely abandoning the platform. It will instead concentrate on AR walking navigation and Google Lens two tools that already offer a VR experience. Those features may be enough to get users to switch over from their current phones. That’s certainly more interesting news for those who want to use VR in a practical setting.

In an effort to focus its attention elsewhere Google is pulling its support for Daydream. In the meantime it has started to focus on other projects like the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset. Its hardware business is also relatively small compared to its search and advertising business so there’s no need to focus on the VR platform. It’s not clear exactly when Google will get back into the VR business but the company is still pursuing it.

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When a user takes off their VR headset it can cause a game to pause. If this is the case it’s likely that they won’t want to restart the game. If this is the case Oculus is going public with their research to try and solve this problem. In the same way the camera industry came together to solve this problem. In addition Facebook has a library of first-party games to support their headset.

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