Is Discord Using Too Much Memory?

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If your computer is experiencing a RAM shortage Discord is one of the reasons. Here are some tips to help you deal with this issue. First disable hardware acceleration to limit the greater use of your CPU. Secondly increase the number of cores on your computer. If none of those fixes work reinstall Discord and see if this fixes the problem. It might be a combination of both solutions or you could also try resetting your system.

Disable hardware acceleration to reduce CPU’s greater use

You might have noticed that your computer is using more CPU than usual but you can reduce this by disabling the Hardware Acceleration feature in Discord. This feature allows the game to take advantage of the GPU and use it to its maximum potential. Disabling this feature is not necessary unless your CPU is extremely weak or you have too many cores. To turn off Hardware Acceleration you need to open the System Configuration and go to the Boot section.

This feature allows applications to take advantage of the graphics card and other hardware to speed up your game. Generally this makes things more efficient for your system but there are several pros and cons to turning off hardware acceleration. To learn whether this feature is right for your computer read on. After all it’s better to use other parts of your PC for some tasks than relying on your CPU to run everything.

The main benefit of disabling hardware acceleration in Discord is that it will give you smoother fps spikes and jitter. Even though Discord doesn’t use hardware acceleration it still uses CPU cycles because it is active in the background. You can turn it back on later if you don’t need to use it. But keep in mind that disabling hardware acceleration will not make your computer slow down in any way.

Increase the number of cores used by your computer

CPU usage issues can be a frustrating nuisance for users of the voice and chat application Discord. It can be a result of a CPU overload hardware acceleration or system configuration but the good news is that there are ways to deal with these problems yourself. One of the first steps to resolving this issue is to initiate a PC restart. Doing so will refresh your system and end any programs that may be interfering with Discord.

If you are having trouble with Discord’s performance you can reduce its performance by turning off hardware acceleration. This will turn off the software’s hardware-assisted features but this will make your computer run slower and may break tasks. If your computer has sufficient power you can disable hardware acceleration but make sure to restart Discord after making the change. This will prevent the problem from recurring.

Once you have completed these steps you should be able to play Discord smoothly. It can use a lot of RAM when using one or two cores so it can easily overwhelm your CPU. Increasing the number of cores on your PC will increase the capability and power of your computer. You should be able to do this by launching msconfig. Click on the Boot tab and select Advanced options. Now click OK to save your changes.

Reinstall Discord to see if the problem is resolved

If you’ve tried reinstalling Discord but are still having trouble using the chat app there may be a problem with the cache folder. Removing the cache folder may solve the problem. To access the cache folder press Windows Key + R on your keyboard and type %appdata% in the ‘Open’ field. Click on the app and you should see some files that have recently been updated. To prevent the reinstallation of the same files rename them. You should also check whether Discord has been turned off or closed from your Task Manager.

Another way to fix the Discord installation failed error is to delete all previous data from the app. This will help you to install the app again. To do this open the Task Manager and click on the ‘Process’ tab. Click on ‘Discord’ and delete any files associated with it. Alternatively you can open the Control Panel and choose Uninstall. If you’re still unable to fix the problem with the app try updating your PC.

If none of the above solutions work you can try reinstalling the app in question using the Windows command prompt. After completing this you should see the Discord icon on the system tray or hidden icons which can be located in your system tray. If the issue still persists try restarting your computer. Reinstalling the app will hopefully solve the issue. If reinstalling Discord is not an option for you then skip to Step 4.

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