Inverted PC Cases

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If you’re looking for an inverted PC case that looks cool and keeps your electronics safe this is the article for you. I’ve compiled a list of the best inverted PC cases from top manufacturers. The Cosmos C700M is a premium option with rubber feet and a carry handle. The interior of this inverted PC case is spacious enough to house an ATX motherboard and accessories like cooling fans and GPS. The SilverStone Technology SST-LD01B is another inverted PC case.


The LD01B inverted PC case is a stylish case with an elegant steel frame and tempered glass front panel. It features ample internal space and wraps around your system like a glove. The two white trims on the top and bottom of the case add a touch of style. This case is designed for a 370mm GPU and a 200mm PSU. Its dual 120mm fans and 280mm radiators are easy to install.

The LD01B inverted PC case offers plenty of hard drive storage a spacious interior and supports both Micro and standard ATX motherboards. Its flexible hard drive bracket makes installation easy and it features a removable filter. Its modularity is outstanding. There is plenty of room to expand the PC with accessories and expand the case’s modularity. However if you’re not interested in a modular design this isn’t the case for you.

O11 Dynamic Evo

The Lian Li O11 Dynamic Evo inverted PC chassis redefines modularity and versatility. The case’s tempered glass sides and brushed aluminum chassis allow optimal airflow and dust filtering. The O11D EVO features a 4-mm tempered glass panel for a premium look. It supports up to nine drives and features a stylish design. A tempered glass front panel and reversible design enable the PC to be easily installed and removed.

The O11D EVO comes with ample room for up to three 360mm radiators. The chassis also features up to 10 fans and multiple storage mounting points. The case has a multi-directional power button accessible from the front and back. The LED strip in the front panel can be easily controlled using the M button. A separate divider panel and an L-Connect port help you position the power supply in the most convenient position.

SilverStone RL08BR

The SilverStone RL08BR inverted computer case is a great choice for the home or business user. Its spacious interior has plenty of hard drive room and can accommodate either standard ATX or Micro ATX motherboards. There is a 240mm AIO bracket for additional cooling options and the case is fully modular with all the inputs and outputs located on the front panel.

The case is constructed of tempered glass and steel and the front panel comes with a large side window. It has three grommets for cable management and has enough space between the motherboard tray and the back panel. A large air intake is located in the lid. This case is great for the enthusiast who wants to maximize airflow without having to sacrifice the looks of their build. This case is recommended for those who have a lot of cables and a high-end GPU.

Silent Base 802

If you’re looking for a quiet mid-tower PC case look no further than the Silent Base 802 inverted PC case from be quiet! This case supports E-ATX and ITX motherboards and comes with a removable motherboard tray and full-length shroud. It also supports liquid cooling with a front-mounted 420mm radiator and a top-mounted 360mm radiator.

The 802 is the most quiet PC case in its range featuring an inverted motherboard tray and high airflow configuration. Its design allows you to easily swap between silent panels and high airflow configurations without sacrificing thermal performance or noise levels. It is also available in two colors and comes with a windowed side panel. Unlike other inverted PC cases the 802 is highly customizable with interchangeable top and side panels.

Sharkoon Rev200

The Sharkoon REV200 is a well-designed inverted PC case that offers an easy way to hide your cables. Its spacious cable compartment allows you to hide away any excess cables. It also has a magnetic panel for easy access to the motherboard and graphics card’s I/Os. The case’s interior is well-ventilated and is capable of holding up to two HDDs and two SSDs with room for more in the power supply shroud.

The Sharkoon Rev200 is an inverted PC case that features two side panels divided by a plastic cover. Each side has two magnets and two tabs for easier access. The case features 62 millimeters of clearance and it has spots for your SSDs and display port cables. There are also several ports for audio and USB devices at the front and two USB 3.0 ports on the back.

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