How to Zoom in and Out in Minecraft

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You can change the default zoom level in Minecraft by changing its controls. The zoom key is located on the Controls menu under Options>Controls>MISCELLANY. This section is also available in the game menu’s Options menu. To change the default zoom level select the desired key and click OK. After this select the desired key in Options>Controls. By default the game’s zoom level is set to medium but you can change it to any desired level by changing the setting in the game menu.

Optifine mod

You can now zoom in on your Minecraft world by using the OptiFine mod. The OptiFine mod allows you to change the zoom level by holding down the C key and then moving the camera to the center of the screen. After zooming in simply release the C key and return to your normal zoom level. You can also switch back to your normal Minecraft profile from the drop-down menu of the launcher. It is next to the Plays button.

After downloading the OptiFine.JAR file you can now install it on your PC by double-clicking on the file. A dialogue box will appear confirming the installation. Next you need to confirm that OptiFine is installed by clicking the checkmark icon located above the mods folder. After that you can start the game. If the issue persists you can try restarting the game.


A Spyglass in Minecraft is a powerful tool that will help you find anything suspicious. It is an easy tool to make and can be useful for spotting hot loot in the game. It also helps you spot potential threats and protect yourself from the nasties. You should build your spyglass early on in your playthrough. You will be able to see what’s going on in the world without having to turn around and risk getting hit.

The Spyglass works by zooming the view. Right-clicking the Spyglass will zoom in your vision and place a circular vignette on your screen. If you want to close the vignette or close your peripheral vision press F1 to turn it off. A similar function is available when you’re in the third person. However it is best to use it while you’re in 3rd person.

Low field of view

You may be experiencing low field of view (FOV) when you’re zooming in Minecraft. A lower FOV allows you to zoom in giving you a better perspective on what’s in front of you. This can be set in several ways in the game. First press Esc to open the game’s options menu. Next select the video submenu to change the zoom level. By default the FOV is set to wide. However you can change the FOV to close to 80%.

Another way to adjust the FOV is by using the Optifine mod. This mod replaces the default hotkey with a new one. This mod allows you to resize your field of view by pressing the newly-set hotkey. Then you can go back to the Options menu to set the new FOV value. Once you’ve adjusted the FOV you can now zoom in without being frustrated by the low field of view when zooming in Minecraft.

Default zoom level

The OptiFine mod provides extra features for Minecraft. It also makes the game run faster improves display graphics and fixes a number of minor details. To install this mod you must have Java SE Development Kit 14.

Default zoom level means that all maps are aligned. This means that if you craft a map that’s 0 zoom level you’ll have a nearly complete map. You can do this by duplicating the map first then zooming in. This way you can keep all intermediate maps without losing them. However you have to be careful not to get too far away from the center of the map.

To change the default zoom level in Minecraft you can change the resolution and screen size by opening the options menu and selecting Scale and layout. You’ll find a drop-down menu under the video settings. Choose auto for the view mode. To change it back to auto click the ‘x’ icon or press CRTL+0. Alternatively you can also go into your browser’s settings and press the ‘zoom reset’ button.

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