How to Watch Netflix on Google Cardboard

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While you may have a Google Cardboard lying around Netflix isn’t officially compatible with the simple headset. You’ll need a different kind of VR headset if you want to watch Netflix on Cardboard. However there are a few ways to circumvent this problem using your smartphone. The easiest way is to use the Trinus VR software which you can download to both your computer and target phone.

Netflix VR is a beautiful experience

With the release of their Netflix VR experience viewers can now experience anime shows in virtual reality. Netflix which has 210 million subscribers is just dabbling in virtual reality but this is an impressive first step. The content available is both beautiful and well-produced and it’s clear that Netflix is interested in capturing the attention of VR fans. Although the experience may be lacking Netflix VR offers some compelling benefits to VR enthusiasts.

Among the apps that provide this type of experience Netflix VR is one of the weakest performers. Other apps like Skybox and Virtual Desktop offer multiple viewing environments fun layers and social lobbies. You can even create your own funky avatar and watch movies with friends. Although Netflix VR does have some unique features it’s not as smooth and immersive as other VR experiences. It’s best to use headphones and try out the other VR apps first before deciding which one to try.

It’s easy to use

If you’ve been dying to watch Netflix on Google Cardboard but don’t have the device yet there’s an easy way to do it. Fortunately Netflix does not officially support Google Cardboard so you can workaround this limitation by installing the Trinus VR and linking it to your Wi-Fi network. To get started follow this YouTube tutorial. Note that it’s not suitable for long VR sessions so only use it if you’re sure it’ll be comfortable.

To watch Netflix on Google Cardboard you’ll first need to have an iPhone. If you have a Samsung Galaxy or iPhone you can use the Google Cardboard to access Netflix content on your phone. Then you’ll need to copy the videos from YouTube to the Homido folder to watch them in VR mode. You’ll need to face the right way to enjoy Netflix VR. Alternatively you can lie down in Void mode which will show only video.

It’s limited in content

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It uses a living room mode

If you’re interested in watching Netflix on Google Cardboard there are a few things you should know. By default the VR headset will mimic a living room complete with big windows and a cozy couch. However if you want to remove the immersive environment and just watch Netflix like you would in any other room you should select the ‘Void Mode.’

Netflix has a variety of viewing modes available. In addition to its Void mode it also has a living room mode for Netflix subscribers. In this mode you can lie down in your favorite chair face any direction and focus on the movie instead of the surroundings. The Netflix app is still relatively new but it already offers several modes for watching your favorite TV shows and movies.

It uses Void mode

Netflix VR uses the Void mode to make the content look floating in the virtual space. When you start the Netflix app you’ll see the content on your television but the reality is that you’re in a living room. The VR environment has a big cozy couch and tall windows but you can’t sit down and enjoy the experience. To fix that you can select the Void mode and choose to watch the show in an entirely different environment.

The Netflix VR app provides a unique viewing experience offering users the feel of a cozy living room with a television and fireplace. With the help of Void mode the viewer can move their head and tilt their head to watch the movie. There are also controls for subtitles and volume and there’s no room for the TV to move. This is the best way to enjoy Netflix VR. While it’s limited in choice for now it is an amazing way to watch the program while lying in bed.

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