How to Use a Bot in Discord to See Deleted Messages

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Do you want to use a bot in Discord to see deleted messages? There are several ways to do this including Dynobot YAGPDB and Logger bots. In this article I will show you how to use the latter to see deleted messages in Discord. If you want to see all deleted messages however you should use a Discord audit log first. If you don’t want to use a bot however you should be aware of the risks.


If you’ve ever wondered if the Dynobot bot can see deleted messages on Discord you’re not alone. This popular chatbot comes with a handy action log feature. While it does save the last ten messages you may want to use the paid option to save more. The free version does not save images and deleted messages though. However if you’re looking to keep track of who’s deleting your messages this tool can help you.

To use Dyno Bot first you need to install the app. Once installed open Discord. To do so go to the Apps tab and choose ‘Action Log’. Now select the Discord server that you want to monitor. After that select ‘Dyno Bot’ and click the ‘View Deleted Messages’ button. If you’ve a Discord account you can enable Dyno Bot to see deleted messages.

Logger bot

If you’d like to know if a Discord message has been deleted the best way to do it is by using a message logger bot. These bots can help you avoid trolls and other users who are prone to deleting messages. To use a message logger bot you simply download it and install it on your server. It’s free to download and install and it can help you keep your Discord server troll-free.

There are several Discord bots available online but the two best-known ones are DynoBot and YAGPBD. Both are easy to install and use and you can customize the properties of each to see whether they save deleted messages. Alternatively you can install them on your Discord server and configure them using the Discord API. After installing the bot you must enable ‘Join Leave Edited and Deleted Messages’ options.


The YAGPDB bot can see deleted messages on Discord servers and can report them if you violate the discord’s violence policy. Users do not have to be technical to use the bot. Simply go to a bot website and log in. The bot will automatically select the Discord account you have on the same computer. To undelete a message select the server where it was deleted.

After logging in to the Discord server open the message logger. Click on the folder and select ‘Messages.’ A list of deleted messages will appear. This is a useful feature that many users aren’t aware of. However this feature is not available for all servers so it’s important to get the server’s permission first before using the bot. Once the permissions are set you can then add the bot to your server.

Discord audit log

If you’re wondering how to see who has deleted a message in Discord you’re not alone. Discord offers a feature called the audit log. The audit log shows you exactly what the DM house owners and operators have done to a message. It only goes back 90 days so if you’re in a large guild or have been in the server for a long time you may have trouble pulling a record of your own. Luckily Discord’s creators have no plans to shut down the service anytime soon. This feature is a must for the moderation team and admins but it’s not guaranteed to arrive at the same time.

You can check your Discord audit log to see deleted messages in the future. There are also options for deleting messages on the server. For example you can take a screenshot of any inflammatory comments and send them to the server admin so that you can prove who wrote them. If the offender has already deleted the message you can still use the screenshot as evidence to prove who deleted it. This will help you if the message is accidentally deleted.

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