How to Uninstall Gear VR

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The first step to uninstalling the Gear VR is to clear the app in your phone’s applications settings. You can do this in the phone’s settings by going to the Play Store and searching for ‘Gear VR’. Alternatively you can clear the app by navigating to the Facebook app and removing the gear VR notification. In the Facebook app you can select ‘Install Messenger’ from the list of available apps. Once you have cleared the Gear VR notification you can reinstall the Messenger app.

Disabling the Gear VR service app from the menu

Trying to use the Samsung Gear VR without the headset can drain your battery quickly. Fortunately there are two ways to solve the problem. You can disable the service app on your phone or delete the entire app from your phone’s settings menu. Both options will result in your device running a bit slower. Regardless of which option you choose the following steps will help you restore your battery’s true life.

You must first disable the GearVR service app on your Samsung Galaxy device. The service app may be active if you use a third-party cable that is not of high-quality. The same applies if you are using a Samsung-approved accessory. To disable the service go to the Application Manager and tap on System apps. Once you see the app disable it and reboot the device. The app should then restart automatically.

Reinstalling the Oculus and Gear VR service apps

First open the Google Play store and check for updates. If you’re using an Android phone you can also check the status of your phone’s storage. If there are any updates available you can reinstall them. However the odds of this happening are quite slim. To solve the problem you can also try reinstalling the Oculus app. In order to do this simply tap on the Oculus image and enable the service.

If you’re experiencing battery problems with your Gear VR uninstalling the Oculus apps should solve the problem. There’s a chance that the latest update will help fix the problem. However it’s always recommended to back up your smartphone before installing updates. Also reinstalling your Gear VR apps might fix the problem too. But before doing so you can follow these steps.

Removing the Gear VR headset from your phone

To remove the Gear VR from your phone you must first ensure that the phone is unlocked. Once you have unlocked the phone remove the protective cover from the front of the headset and align the micro usb connection point on the front of the headset with the micro usb connection point on your phone. It may be easier to pull the lever outwards to release the headset from the phone. Push the phone towards the headset until it hears an audible click. When you have finished you may remove the protective cover and put the headset back on your head. The screen should turn black and provide instructions.

If you do not have a computer uninstall the Gear VR video and the Oculus home software. This will enable the headset to work again and will guide you through the reinstallation process. If you have any questions contact Oculus Support. If you’re experiencing problems after removing the headset from your phone follow the steps below. You will need to insert your phone once again to use the Gear VR.

Removing Oculus apps

Removing Oculus apps from your Gear VR is easy. First open the library app and hold the app you wish to remove. Next swipe it down to the ‘Uninstall’ option. Once you have removed the app you can reinstall it after the official update. However before you uninstall it you should first uninstall the app. The number of games you can install on your Gear VR depends on how much storage you have on your phone.

To uninstall Oculus apps from your Gear VR follow the instructions below. Make sure that you have the latest version of your Android phone installed. If your phone doesn’t have the latest version of the Android OS go to the Play Store and download the latest version. Removing the Oculus apps from your Gear VR will delete all your data and account information. In addition you’ll have to delete your XR account.

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