How to Turn on Spotify Canvas

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If you want to turn on Spotify Canvas you’ll have to login to your account. In the ‘Settings’ section click on the Canvas option. After that toggle on or off the Canvas toggle to activate the new feature. Once enabled you’ll be able to create playlists using your photos and videos and watch them in a beautiful way. The canvas feature is free and can help you create a unique captivating music experience.

Video loops are a new feature on Spotify

While the new Video loops feature on Spotify is great it does have a few limitations. The duration of a video loop must be between three and eight seconds. For subtle loops use the entire time. You can also choose to use just one second of the video loop as a glitch or fade effect. As of now this feature is only available in the European market. This new feature can help musicians increase their exposure and their streams.

Artists can use the Spotify Canvas feature to share animated fan art. Artists can upload video to the platform to share with followers on social media. Artists can use the video loops to promote themselves or their music. The videos must be appropriate for the platform. It is not allowed to include extreme content or lip sync to the song. For example the artist should refrain from including intense flashing graphics. Instead the videos should tell a story and should be updated frequently.

They’re a great way for artists to tell a story

For artists Spotify Canvas can be a great way to show off their creativity. This feature lets artists create and upload any kind of art to accompany their tracks. For example Billie Eilish asked fans to create fan art for her songs and selected some of them for their Canvas. When creating a Canvas artists need to be mindful of the Spotify’s content policy. No extreme content for example.

In addition to being an effective way to showcase a song’s music video Spotify also gives artists a chance to create an artist persona. Artists should choose specific visuals for their canvas videos to reinforce their personality. Even if it’s a brief clip visuals can give listeners a deeper understanding of the meaning behind the song. Because Canvas videos are only three to eight seconds long it’s important to create the most engaging video possible.

They’re not a direct marketing tool

While it is possible to create a highly-targeted campaign with Spotify Canvas there are some guidelines to be followed to create a compelling and effective advertisement. You should not advertise content outside of Spotify and use text only to highlight a key image. It should not be the primary focus of your Canvas and you should not include advertising or references to other content. However if you are promoting other content you should still use the Canvas format.

One of the key rules for using Canvas is to create a self-contained story. While you should use a theme across your platforms your Canvas should be unique and reflect your artistry. You can use sequential releases or narrative sequences to engage your fans. Make sure to use a variety of loop types in your Canvas including Continuous and Rebound Loops. Continuous Loops will cycle endlessly while Rebound Loops play once.

They’re free

Artists who have their own music can add their own artwork to tracks on Spotify. These artists can use any type of media but it must be compatible with the service. Some artists have used Spotify’s Canvas to showcase fan art of their own songs. Spotify’s terms and conditions are quite clear however and artists must make their artwork Spotify-friendly in order to be featured on the platform. Extreme content is not permitted. Artists are also encouraged to check the artist’s profile before submitting their artwork.

Another benefit of Canvas is the ability to customize the art. Artists can change their art over time and you can get updates that are relevant to your tastes. Recently Billie Eilish updated her Canvas to celebrate her fans by featuring animated fan art. The artist is clearly trying to get people’s attention and keep them on the platform. With the update of her artwork she’s creating a more dynamic experience for her fans.

They’re easy to make

The Spotify Canvas app allows users to create unique artwork by uploading album art a profile picture or a header image. Users can use these elements to stitch together a cohesive artistic vision that spans their entire profile. A popular example is artist Vanessa Homme who used a half-circle motif in her album art track titles and Canvas visuals. Another artist Alex Wiley created a single visual theme for his album connecting all of his tracks with a flickering TV.

In order to make the most of your Canvas think of specific visuals that relate to the story behind your music. Canvas videos should only be three to eight seconds long. They should tell the story of the song rather than simply demonstrating its lyrical content. You can also include relevant visuals such as a video of yourself performing the song. While the Spotify canvas is easy to make it’s essential to keep your artist’s vision consistent across all of their social media profiles.

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