How to Turn AirPods Off When Using Discord

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If you’ve been using AirPods to play games and communicate with friends you may have run into some trouble. Here’s how to turn AirPods off when using Discord. If you’re using Windows you’ll need to enable your device’s default input device in the Sound mixer (part of the Windows settings). Once that’s done open Discord and switch on the volume. Then you’ll be able to hear every single person in the chat.

Using AirPods as a microphone in Discord

If you’ve been struggling to get your AirPods to work as a microphone in Discord you’re not alone. The problem is that Discord doesn’t recognize the AirPods as a microphone but there are some easy fixes you can try. First make sure that Windows is not in ‘exclusive mode’ or it will confuse Discord and not recognize it as an input device.

Another issue that you may encounter is that the AirPods don’t work with Discord’s audio subsystem. If this is the case make sure you’re running Discord as administrator on your computer. Otherwise your voice might not be properly received over the internet. To solve this go to the compatibility tab and click on the ‘Run this program as administrator’ checkbox.

After that you’ll need to enable Bluetooth on your device. Turning on Bluetooth is an easy way to enable AirPods. If you’re using an Android device you can turn on Bluetooth and search for them in Discord. You’ll then see your AirPods in the ‘Voice’ channel. Once you’ve added them they should appear in the ‘Voice’ channel of the Discord app.

Troubleshooting issues with AirPods in Discord

You may be experiencing trouble using your AirPods in Discord. There are several ways to resolve this issue. To get the AirPods to work in Discord make sure that you charge them regularly. You can usually use them for at least five hours while listening to music or making calls depending on the settings. In some cases however you may experience problems even after charging them for two hours. In that case you should recharge them and try again.

Besides restarting the device you can also try logging out and reopening Discord. Refreshing the app will clear the temporary data and refresh the operating system. Depending on the issue you may have to restart Discord more than once. If this does not work you can also try logging out and back in several times. The problem might have been caused by a different audio driver or software.

If the problem still persists after these steps you should try connecting your AirPods to another device. This will help narrow down the cause of the issue. If it still doesn’t work the problem might be in the software or the earbud itself. Make sure you charge your AirPods regularly. Low battery will cause them to shut off. To check the battery percentage of AirPods use the iPhone’s battery-monitor.

Turning off your AirPods as a microphone in Discord

Turning off your AirPods as a microphone in Discord is easy enough but what if you accidentally select them as the microphone? You can solve this problem by selecting them correctly in the Discord settings. Go to the bottom-left corner of the app and tap the settings icon. On the screen that appears click the input device box. Click the drop-down menu to select AirPods. You should also select a device that is compatible with Discord’s audio subsystem.

In Windows you can do the same thing. First make sure that Windows is set up to use your headphones as an input device. Then open the Sound settings menu. From the audio device drop-down menu choose Airpods. If this doesn’t work you can try using an external microphone or your laptop. In case you don’t have any other audio device you can use your Airpods as a microphone in Discord.

If you still experience this problem restart your computer and then log out of Discord. You can also try disabling automatic input sensitivity in Discord’s User Settings. If the latter doesn’t work you can try disabling Voice & Video in App Settings. It’s worth noting that if Discord detects the microphone the speaker won’t work correctly.

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