How to take screenshots in Steam

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Something cool often happens when you’re playing Steam. Perhaps you’ve just beaten the big boss, or you’ve discovered a horrendous glitch that needs to be shared on Reddit immediately.

The good news is that Steam provides a way to take pictures while you’re playing and share it immediately with friends. Here’s how to use the Steam screenshot button to get a snap of your gameplay.

How to take screenshots on Steam?

Steam users may sometimes need to find a way to capture a high-quality screenshot.

But how you do this will depend on the device you’re using, as typically there’s a hot key you can press to take a screenshot of your display.

Taking Screenshots on Windows

It’s really easy for you to take a screenshot on a Windows device – all you need to do is press the F12 button whilst you’re playing to take Steam screenshots.

If you don’t like F12 being the hot key, you can easily change this by going to Preferences and then Screenshot Shortcut keys in your in-game menu whilst playing games.

Doing this gives you the ability to change the screenshot key to whatever you want it to be.

Taking Screenshots on MacOS

F12 is a default key for Steam screenshots on macOS. If the Apple iPad Pro has a keyboard but no permanent menu, it should be clear how to do it.

This can be achieved by pressing and holding the function keys Fn and then entering an arrow in the function column on the screen. Hit F12.

The default screenshot keys are easy to use on the Mac as they can be easily changed. Access Preferences from the Steam menu, and choose the Play options.

Click on this menu and tap your preferred shortcut key on your keyboard. Oh yes! It is now possible for users of Steam to get screenshots from it.

How to Find Your Steam Screenshots

Shows the location of the Steam Screenshot Folders for Steam screenshot saving. Then we’ll show you how you can get a Steam ID for the game: Steam has nearly 300 titles.

Gamers using the platform enjoy capturing pictures when playing the game, as the goal of the game should be the recording of their successes.

It’s nothing else but an image of a game battle that you have played against a powerful enemy.

So if you are a Steam user and do not know where to find the Steam screenshot folder then you should know how Steam saves screenshots.

All of this information will help you snap Steam screenshots for Windows, MacOS or whatever device you’re using.


For most devices, it’s pretty easy to capture images from your game, and there’s no difference with Steam – however, the Steam screenshot button can vary depending on whether you’re on Windows, Macbook or something else.

It’s actually incredibly easy to take screenshots for Steam, so make sure to do this if you want to get a snap of your game to send to friends.

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