How to Switch to Prime Student

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If you want to subscribe to Amazon Prime but cannot afford to buy the full price you may be wondering how to switch to the Prime Student plan. This plan offers you a number of advantages including unlimited streaming of Prime movies and TV shows free delivery and access to Twitch Prime. Here’s how to switch to this account:

Amazon Prime Student is an affordable version of Amazon Prime

A student can join Amazon’s subscription service with a discount by joining the Amazon Premium Student program. The program is free to join and students are eligible for a discounted membership for four years while they’re enrolled in school. Students can join multiple times but they must complete at least one class to be eligible. The student discount is good for four years only but may change in the future. Regardless joining Prime Student is a great way to enjoy all of the benefits of Amazon’s Prime service while saving money on the long run.

Students can benefit from the discounted membership for entertainment music and video games. Additionally students will have access to the Amazon Prime Video streaming service where they can enjoy unlimited streaming of Prime-eligible content. Amazon competes with Netflix Hulu and YouTube and also produces some of its own programming. While Amazon isn’t as comprehensive as Netflix and Hulu students can still save money on these services with the help of Amazon Prime Student.

It offers free delivery

Students can take advantage of Amazon Prime’s student offers to save on shipping and get unlimited photo storage on the popular service. In addition the membership comes with early access to lightning deals and access to tens of thousands of movies TV shows and music tracks. Moreover the service provides free delivery on eligible items. Students can enjoy all these benefits and many more at a discount price if they purchase the membership early. Here are some of the top student perks:

One of the best features of the Amazon Prime Student program is its free six-month trial. After the trial period students need to enter their payment information and the subscription will charge them the normal price of a Prime membership. However they can avail of 50% off the membership price if they sign up for a four-year membership. The benefits of Prime Student include free delivery of up to 100 million eligible items free photo storage and unlimited access to a variety of eBooks. Apart from the free delivery the student can also take advantage of Amazon’s Back to College store for great deals on college essentials.

Unlimited streaming of Prime movies and shows

You can get a free trial of Amazon Student a subscription to unlimited streaming of Prime movies and TV shows on their website. After the free trial ends Amazon will charge your credit card. It will be the same price as Prime for six months but with a lower monthly fee. You can also watch Prime videos download music and read books at a discounted rate. However you must be patient in watching ads.

As a Prime Student you will receive a six-month free trial. Prime Student is discounted 50% off the regular subscription price. You can also subscribe to Insider Reviews a free weekly newsletter with buying advice great deals and logo licensing. There are also plenty of other great features including unlimited streaming of Prime videos. For a one-time fee you can watch unlimited movies TV shows and music for six months and enjoy ad-free viewing.

Access to Twitch Prime

If you are a student you can also use the Amazon Student account to get access to Twitch Prime. However you may be a household member and cannot use the Twitch account. In this case you should contact Amazon customer support. Then you should go through all the steps again if necessary. Otherwise you should try the other options listed here. If you are a household member you can also link your account to Amazon’s Household Invite program.

Students can get access to Twitch Prime for free. All students in the United States Canada and the UK can use the service. This service is free for students and comes with a trial of one Twitch channel so you can try it before you buy it. Prime student members can sign up at the Amazon Prime Student sign-up page and confirm their email address. Once the free trial is over they can sign up for Twitch Prime and begin enjoying the service.

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