How to Solve Problems Where Your PlayStation 5 Can’t Obtain an IP Address

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Sometimes you may encounter a problem where your PS5 cannot obtain an IP address. This problem can occur when the LAN cable is not connected or when Wi-Fi is not working properly. In such a case the solution is to restart your PS5 and try changing the DNS servers to 8888 or 8844. This will enable the PS5 to get an IP address from the internet and allow you to play online games.

LAN cable not connected

If you’ve been having trouble getting an IP address on your PS5 it might be due to a faulty Ethernet cable. Check that you’ve connected it to the correct port on your router. You should also enable Wi-Fi on your router. Try connecting your mobile device to the same network as the PS5.

If you’ve tried everything else and still experiencing the problem you may have a broken LAN cable or a malfunctioning RJ45 connector. You may need to buy a new one or try a different cable. You might also want to assign a static IP address to your PS5.

Wi-Fi not working

Wi-Fi not working on PS5? Your network might be down or your router may be too far away. You can try moving your PS5 closer to the router or plugging in an Ethernet cable. Then make sure that PlayStation Network is active. If you do not have the PlayStation Network enabled it is possible that your save files are corrupted. If this happens you can try loading an earlier save point or deleting the game data and reinstalling the game.

If your PS5 Wi-Fi isn’t working try restarting your router. Most routers come with an on/off switch and restarting it is likely the quickest way to fix this problem. In some cases it might also be necessary to connect to the internet via Ethernet cable which bypasses the Wi-Fi altogether. To do this go to the PlayStation support site and follow the steps there.

Restarting ps5

If you’ve recently noticed that your PlayStation 5 is having trouble obtaining its IP address you might be wondering how to solve this problem. Fortunately there are a couple of simple fixes you can try. Restarting your console may also fix any minor connectivity issues. But if you’re facing this issue because your IP address is being blocked you’ll want to keep reading for more details.

Restarting your router and PS5 may also fix the problem. Sometimes a restart is all that’s necessary to get your internet service back up and running. It’s easy to reset your router or PS5 by unplugging the device from the power source for at least 30 seconds. This action will power cycle the console’s capacitors and clear the cache improving your connection.

Open NAT

If you open NAT on PS5 you may notice that the console won’t get an IP address. This is because automatic configuration changes the IP each time you connect to the network. This makes network setup a pain and makes the console incompatible with your current network setup. To remedy this problem open port forwarding or DMZ in your router settings. Alternatively you can install UPnP and Port Forwarding on your console.

The main benefit of Open NAT for PCs is that the firewall no longer applies to them. By doing so you allow the console to freely browse the internet and download without delay. However if you want to play competitive games you will want to limit the latency. If you want to keep the game’s latency to a minimum you should use DMZ.

Restarting router

Restarting your router may fix the problem if you’re unable to get an IP address for your PS5 console. The router’s reset button will reset the router back to its default software settings. You’ll need to hold down the reset button for at least five seconds before it’ll start. You may need to press it for longer than this so check your router’s manual for instructions. After you restart your router you’ll lose any settings you’ve made before including your wifi name (SSID) and password. VPNs and DNS servers are also erased.

If you’re experiencing this problem it might be due to the distance between the router and PS5. The wireless signal is affected by distance so move the router closer to your PS5 to ensure better reception. You can also try installing a signal booster if necessary. If you have no other option connecting your PS5 to your router through an ethernet cable may be your best bet. It’s also faster and more stable.

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