How to Revert YouTube Layout

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If you’d like to revert YouTube’s layout there’s an easy way to do it. All you have to do is double-click on the Value of PREF field to edit it. Replace the value field with your current language preference. When you’re done reload the page to see the old YouTube layout. You can also replace the language preferences by using a script. Alternatively you can use the YouTube Redux plugin to change the language preferences.

Temparmonkey Script

The YouTube redesign has been causing a lot of problems including changes to the user interface and design. You might want to know how to restore the old YouTube layout without using the official Chrome extension. There are several ways to do this including tweaking the source code or installing a third-party chrome extension. This tutorial will show you how to do both. Once you’ve figured out how to restore the old YouTube layout you can easily add the script to your web browser.

If you’ve recently reloaded YouTube you may have noticed the new design and layout. Many users have complained about the new centered fixed-width layout and the larger frame on top. If this has happened to you don’t despair – there’s a way to restore the old YouTube layout by writing a cookie to YouTube which tells the video hosting site to load the old design by default.

YouTube Redux

If you’ve used YouTube redux for a while you may be wondering how it works. After all YouTube redux has been out for a couple months now. The site broke when it updated to version 2.12.2 but users have yet to find out what caused it. Users report that the 2005 logo is duplicated on the homepage and on videos. Thankfully the developers have since fixed this problem. But the underlying problem remains: the site’s design isn’t as attractive as it once was.

One of the most common complaints about YouTube is its overall design. In recent years the site has become incredibly bland and lacks many of the old design flourishes. YouTube Redux allows you to toggle back to the old design. While it’s still very easy to use it’s not always compatible with all browsers. So if you’re running Google Chrome you’ll need to install the Chrome extension for it.

Improve YouTube

Google has recently changed the layout on YouTube removing the old classic format in favor of a more mobile-friendly design. While it may seem like a good move in the long run many YouTube users are not happy with the new design. This change doesn’t just affect the mobile version of YouTube but also the desktop version. Thankfully there are a few ways to restore the old YouTube layout. In this article we will look at two methods.

First you can add sections to your channel’s homepage. These sections will display videos under playlists. YouTube offers a variety of options to help you highlight content such as popular uploads latest uploads playlists and channels. Whether you use the old YouTube layout or the new one try different combinations. Then once you’ve got the layout you like make changes as needed. Ultimately this will result in a better user experience.

YouTube’s Paid Purchases Support Teams

The video player in YouTube has undergone many iterations. YouTube has changed its layout from read description to open description which opens a description box at the right side of a video. Thankfully there are some heros out there who have developed a chrome plugin to revert the layout back. The plugin works for all users in both theatre mode and logged out mode.

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