How to retrieve deleted emails on iPhone 14 Pro Max

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Everyone has been guilty at one point or another of accidentally deleting an email that they have then realised months down the line that they really needed.

After all, many businesses are moving towards a paperless approach to communications so nearly everything goes via email these days – it’s almost impossible to keep on top of them all which leads to accidental deletions.

On iPhone, users have the luxury of being able to open their emails via the pre-installed app, ‘mail’. Users are able to register their primary email to this app, allowing them to read, send and receive emails on the go 24/7.

In this article, we are going to examine whether it’s possible to retrieve deleted emails via your iPhone 14 Pro Max and if so, how you go about doing it.

How to retrieve deleted emails on iPhone 14 Pro Max – Is it possible?

The good news is, it is absolutely possible to retrieve deleted emails on an iPhone 14 Pro Max. The most common way to retrieve your deleted emails is by using the bin section on the mail app. To retrieve your deleted emails in this way, please take the following steps:

  1. Open up the mail app on your iPhone.
  2. Select the tab named ‘bin’.
  3. To retrieve a deleted email, select an email in this folder and press the arrow pointing left icon on the bottom menu.
  4. From the list of options that appear, select ‘move message’ and then move it back to your inbox.

Every email that you delete on the mail app will heads directly to the bin section on the app and will remain there for 30 days.

If you don’t manually delete it again from the bin folder, or move it back to your inbox, within that time period then they will automatically be permanently deleted.

Alternative methods to retrieve deleted emails on an iPhone 14 Pro Max

There are actually a couple of other ways in which iPhone users are able to retrieve deleted emails on from their phone. Let’s take a quick look at them:

Retrieve with a shake

Yes, that’s right, you are able to retrieve deleted emails by shaking your iPhone. If you are on the mail app and notice that you’ve accidentally deleted an email then if you immediately shake your phone a screen with two options should appear.

The two options are “Undo Trash?” and “Cancel”. If you select ‘undo trash’ then the email you just deleted will be restored.

Another way to retrieve deleted emails on your phone is by taking advantage of the archiving feature. To do this you need to go the settings app on your iPhone, select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” and then ‘Mail’.

Once on this page, you need to ensure that ‘archive messages’ is set to on. This means that all deleted emails will now go to the archived folder, instead prolonging their lifespan and protecting you from accidental deletions.

Recovering deleted emails on desktop

Of course, there is also the option of recovering deleted emails via a web browser on a desktop computer or laptop. The best method often depends on which email provider you’re using but generally speaking each provider does have a deleted folder as part of their repertoire.

This is where all deleted emails are sent to upon first deletion and stay there until they are permanently deleted or aren’t touch for x amount of days.

To restore emails from these folders, you will need to go in to them, select which emails you want to restore and then find the relevant button which will restore or move them back to your inbox.

Most email providers offer a user friendly service so the button(s) to do this shouldn’t be an issue.

Tips to prevent unintentional deletions

Ultimately, all of the above can be prevented by you taking more care of your emails instead of just mindlessly deleting everything that comes through to your inbox before you’re certain that it’s junk.

The first thing you should do is flag all spam-type content as junk – this means that any emails you receive that are similar will head straight to your junk/spam folder meaning that you won’t need to bother with them.

Another thing you should consider doing is creating personalised folders for your emails. Get into the habit of moving every email that comes into your inbox to a relevant folder.

This prevents your inbox from getting clogged up which often results in us doing a mass clear-out without taking a proper look of what’s in there.


To conclude, the good news is that there is often a way to bring back deleted emails. However, the bad news is you often have to be quick in doing so or run the risk of losing them forever.

We hope that our advice above gets your deleted emails back but if you find that there isn’t a way then make a note of our tips and try and implement them to avoid this situation from repeating itself.

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