How to Restart Pokemon X

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How do you start over in Pokemon X? You can do this using your Nintendo 3DS. Most Nintendo 3DS games can be saved which means that you can delete your activity on the previous game which can make it difficult to play the same level over. This method is also available in Pokemon X. If you’re stuck on a certain level you can use the ‘reset’ button to revert to the last level and start over.

Soft resetting isn’t considered cheating in Pokemon X and Y

Some players consider Soft Resetting in Pokemon X and Y cheating but that’s not the case. If you want better stats for Pokemon you can Soft Reset to get them. Other players use this method to catch Shiny Pokemon save time or get legendary Pokemon faster. Whether Soft Resetting is cheating in Pokemon X and Y depends on what you’re trying to achieve.

The game should allow players to rank down. This feature is important if you’re trying to catch a legendary Pokemon. Currently you can only obtain the legendary Mew through other means. The best way to avoid losing a legendary Pokemon battle is to save before you fight them. A Soft Reset will give you another chance to beat that legendary Pokemon. You can also use the same method in the game to earn Legendary Levels.

When you encounter a shiny Pokemon soft-reset your game between two and three times per minute. The reason for this is because when you soft-reset your game you get your favorite nature. Syncing your game with the Pokemon X and Y save files is a major factor in getting optimal nature. Soft-resetting is the easiest way to maximize your chances of finding a shiny legendary Pokemon.

You can start a new game in Pokemon X or Y

There are two ways to restart the game in Pokemon X and Y. One is by deleting your saved game. To do this hold down the B X and Up buttons simultaneously. When the game launches you will see a list of all the saved games. Select the save file that you want to delete. To save the game follow the same steps as you did before.

Alternatively you can continue your previous game and continue where you left off. To start a new game in Pokemon X or Y hold B and X together. You will then be prompted to select the language for the new game. Press X to confirm this action. The game will now start with the selected language. However you can go back and start your game again if you want to change the language.

Another way to start a new game in Pokemon X and Y is to change the language on the game. While you may not be able to change the language you can change it later by pressing B and X again. The game will reboot after you have made the appropriate language changes. You can also choose a language from the settings menu. If you choose a different language this will also cause the game to restart.

You can delete your activity in Pokemon X

If you’ve ever lost all your progress while playing Pokemon X you might be wondering how to save your game and restart later. While you have the ability to save games on your Nintendo 3DS this feature is limited to one game card. This can be frustrating especially if you’ve been playing the game for hours. To restore your progress you can restart your game from the title menu. However you should note that you’ll need to delete your activity in Pokemon X first.

Alternatively you can delete your activity file by opening the game directory and exiting without saving. This will delete your profile. If you’ve been playing the game for a long time you can choose to start anew and use the same Pokemon file as before. This method will also completely remove your saved profile. Alternatively you can change your Pokemon X profile and hand the game over to a friend.

To save your game and start afresh you’ll need to format your game before starting over. This process is quite simple and can be accomplished by pressing the Up and Down buttons on your controller. After you’ve formatted your game you should see an option to start fresh. After you’ve done this you’re ready to go. Just make sure that you don’t save too much data or your progress will get lost.

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