How to Reset Pokemon Sun

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If you are experiencing trouble in Pokemon Sun there is a simple way to reset your game. Resetting your game will enable you to spawn a new Solgaleo give it a new name and more. To reset Pokemon sun you’ll need to load the game title screen. You will first notice that the game is now loading with Solgaleo as its main character. To reset the game press UP+B+X together on your D-pad. This will take you to the title screen where you can press the buttons. After that press Y to save your game or Y to delete your saved game.

Soft resetting pokemon is useful for getting a shiny starter

In the game there’s a chance of getting a shiny starter if you soft reset your Pokémon. In Pokemon games you can check the Shininess of your starters by checking the status of their nicknames and their status when they’re in battle. If you don’t want to check each of their statuses you can soft reset their Pokemon and get the one you want instead.

In Pokemon GO you can try this method if you’re stuck. Some people say that soft-resetting the game increases your chance of finding the Shiny. However this method only works on games that have dead batteries. Soft-resetting resets the game like switching it on and off so it won’t create a chain or save any of your information. This means that you can try up to 100 soft-resets before finding a Shiny starter.

You can do it multiple times to get a shiny starter

You can do this more than once. The game allows you to save before you choose a starter. However sometimes there are extra cutscenes or dialogues that require you to save early. In such cases you can do a soft reset to avoid these. After you’ve done this you can check whether your Pokemon is Shiny or not. In the next step you can restart the game or reload your save file.

Shiny starters are rare and difficult to get. Some players are better than others at this. It’s important to keep in mind that you must do a lot of tedious legwork to get a shiny Pokemon. One player spent five years to get a shiny Mewtwo. It’s possible to get multiple shiny starters if you follow a few simple steps. Just make sure to follow the rules carefully to increase your chances of getting a shiny Pokemon.

You can do it on a Nintendo 3DS

If you’ve just bought Pokemon Sun or Moon for the Nintendo 3DS and need to reset your profile you can easily do it yourself. Simply press the X and B buttons on the D-pad simultaneously. When the question ‘Do you want to erase all your data?’ appears click Yes. You’ll be returned to the title screen of the game where you can choose to restart your game or continue playing as you are. However you’ll need to start the game over again before you can move forward.

Some people choose to wipe the data on their cartridge. This works fine when you’re just starting a new game but if you need to swap between Pokemon or if you’re having issues with the game this method will work. While it won’t take you much time remember that if you’re playing the game again later you’ll lose all of your saved files and pokemon.

You can do it on Citra

There are a lot of advantages to using Citra for Windows. The first of these is the fact that it allows you to run two screens at once. It also lets you play games in full screen and toggle between them with the push of a hotkey. Another great feature of Citra is its ability to map keyboard and mouse controls. Similar emulators include Steam and DeSmuME. If you’re looking for a good Windows emulator Citra is a great choice.

The next major feature of the Citra emulator is the ability to set the resolution. It’s very important to select the right resolution for your Citra game. You can do this by checking the ‘Show FPS’ option at the top of the screen. Higher resolutions are great for viewing graphics but you might find the games lagging a little bit. To solve this issue try to increase your FPS and VPS as much as possible.

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