How to Put Disc in PS5

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If you have ever wondered how to put disc in PS5 game console then this article is for you. Here we will discuss disassembling the game console cleaning the disc drive and how to place a disc in the optical drive. In case your disc has stuck in the drive read on to learn how to get it out. Hopefully you can find it useful. Until then enjoy playing the games!

Disassembling a game console

Before you begin disassembling a game console it’s important to know what you’re doing. Game consoles often suffer from serious hardware issues such as overheating or fan noise and require service from the manufacturer. While disassembling your console is not a difficult task many manufacturers will void your warranty if you do not follow their instructions. To begin the disassembly process locate the manufacturer’s name on the front of the unit. To separate the two different types of consoles use a nutdriver to pry off the cover.

Before you begin disassembling a game console you must know its model number and serial number. This information is found on the box and gaming system. It’s best to work in a well-lit area so that you can see all of the components properly. There are more than 14 models of PS2 each with a slightly different configuration. To prevent permanent damage to the console work carefully and only take apart the parts you need for the project.

Cleaning the disc drive

Before inserting a disc into the PlayStation 5 console you must first clean the disc drive by using a soft cloth. Try to apply the clean cloth to all surfaces of the disc. When using a soft cloth be sure to keep the disc from getting wet. After cleaning insert the disc into the PS5 console with the top side of the disc facing left. Push the disc in slowly. If you see any error codes you should clean the disc drive.

Another cause of the disc not reading in the PlayStation 5 is dirty media. Dirty discs will not be recognized by the PS5 and will not be read. Use a soft microfiber cloth to clean the disc before inserting it into the PS5. To do this you should keep the PS5 in horizontal position and try to remove any dust or debris from the PS5. If this does not work you should clean the disc first by blowing on it to clear away any dirt or other foreign objects. After that you should reinsert the disc to check whether it works.

Placing a disc in the optical drive

You might be wondering if you can place more than one disc into the PS5’s optical drive. The answer is yes but you’ll have to spin them each one individually. It’s possible that you’ve damaged the disc itself. If this happens to you don’t despair – you can easily fix this problem yourself! The PlayStation 5’s optical drive isn’t known for its quiet operation – it makes a lot of noise much like the sound of a heliport with a disc inside.

If you’re buying a game digitally you can save time by avoiding the hassle of ejecting and cleaning the disc. However this option doesn’t work well for those who do a lot of trading or sell several games. Before you do this make sure to read my post about how to fix PlayStation 5 overheating. Alternatively you can try placing a disc in the optical drive if you’ve previously purchased it.

Getting a stuck disc out of the drive

If you’re having trouble ejecting a disc from the PlayStation 5 drive don’t worry! There’s an easy fix that will get you playing again in no time. Using the screwdriver carefully remove the black circular film from the disc drive. Next insert a screwdriver into the hole and slowly pry the disc out of the drive. Once free of the disc you can slide back the media into the outer case and reinstall the stand.

First you need to turn off your PS5. It should be shut down completely and remove all connected cables. Next remove the base from the console. Make sure to place the PS logo on the left side of the console. This will allow you to reach the disc’s eject button without touching it. Once you remove the base you can use a Phillips or cross-hatch screwdriver to gently pry the disc out.

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