How to Play Music Through Mic in VoiceMeeter

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If you have a good microphone you can turn yourself into a disk jockey or entertain others in a voice chat room. Make sure not to annoy other users. If you are inexperienced with a microphone you can share your tips and tricks in the comment section. Remember to share this article with your friends and family to get the most out of it. We hope you enjoy these tips. If you found this article helpful share it with your friends!


If you want to play music through VoiceMeeter you need to know how to set up the audio input. In the VoiceMeeter settings click on the ‘Music’ tab and then ‘Output’. You can select speakers microphone or hardware to listen to the music. Then select the device that you want to use as an input. For example you can select a Soundboard or a microphone.

Once you have all your hardware setup you can start using VoiceMeeter. It is an audio mixer software designed with virtual audio optimization in mind. It is a popular application for streaming on YouTube and has a built-in audio cable and soundboard. Simply connect your microphone to the VoiceMeeter and play music! Once you’ve mastered the basic commands you can upgrade to the professional version and make your audio files look professional.

If you want to make your recordings more professional you can use Morphvox. It’s an audio mixer that combines multiple audio sources into one output. It can even turn a microphone into a speaker! Adding music through VoiceMeeter is an effective way to energize your participants and turn dreaded silent activities into exciting interactive activities. The best part about this program is that it does not take up a lot of storage space either.

Stereo Mixer

If you’ve been having problems with your stereo mix you may want to try reinstalling the software. First check the Sound settings on your recording device. If the sound is poor or the quality is bad you can turn off Noise Reduction to make the sound better. This will reduce any background noise that you may hear when speaking. However this solution is not effective for all users. You should try another method to resolve this problem.

If your problem persists try unplugging your USB microphone and reinstalling Discord. Then try playing the music again. If the same problem occurs you may need to find a different microphone. In some cases this method will fix the problem. If not you may need to purchase another microphone. It’s also best to try using a separate headset microphone instead. When your computer has trouble with stereo mixing try switching to a different one.

Ensure proper clarity and balance between the input and output of the stereo mix. In addition to providing proper clarity and balance stereo mixes should have room in the stereo field. This is achieved with signal processors such as EQs and compression. In addition to adjusting the volume the mixer should also provide adequate phantom power for condenser microphones. If you want to connect multiple devices to the stereo mixer you may need a mixer with multiple inputs and effects.

Earpiece app

You might have heard that it is possible to play music through microphone in Earpiece app. Well this is not a natural process. First of all microphone is an input device which means that the audio message is inserted inside the PC. However music is aided by the PC. Hence one device cannot operate in dual version. Besides it does not sound natural. So if you want to play music through microphone in Earpiece app follow the steps below.

The best part about this application is that it has a voice effect library that includes robot baby and alien. This way you can make your mic sounds more realistic. It will also be easier to make your own sounds by adding background music using dedicated streaming apps. However you may not be able to find any background music on the app due to copyright restrictions. Additionally you cannot use this feature on Xbox consoles.

To play music through mic in Earpiece app use the microphone’s stereo mixer function. After the application launches open QuickTime. You can also use third-party apps that have sound level settings. If you want to change your voice to a different one while talking use the ‘voice changer’ feature. The premium version has more features like voice changer text to speech and hotkeys.

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