How to Optimize Black Ops 4 Render Resolution

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If you are running out of FPS in Black Ops 4 you can set the game to use 4:3 resolution. You can change the resolution in the config file but the aspect ratio is not supported in the menu. The game has the option to change the render resolution which is a percentage value that defines the final resolution. If you are running out of FPS you may try using a 4:3 aspect ratio.

Nvidia’s ‘AI Super Resolution’

The latest game ready driver from Nvidia comes with a new tool called Deep Learning Dynamic Super Resolution. This technology is capable of improving the image quality in games by rescaling them to higher resolutions than the original frame. As such it’s compatible with most displays and allows gamers to play games at a higher resolution than their monitor. However the tech has some limitations.

The first mode Balanced keeps you as close to the in-game and display native frame rates as possible. It works on all resolutions including 1440p and is recommended for users of 4K displays. The second mode Performance prioritizes frame rates over resolution. When enabled AI Super Resolution can be up to four times higher enabling a considerable boost in framerate even at 4K.


While Black Ops 4 doesn’t run all that well there are a few ways to increase your FPS. One simple method is to lower your resolution to 16:10. Typically a 1920×1080 monitor will render the game at a low resolution of 1600×900. A 16:10 resolution will give you more playable FPS but will sacrifice 15% of the resolution. However you can also use a 4:3 aspect ratio if that helps.

SMAA T2x contains a temporal anti-aliasing component which reduces the shimmering effect around anti-aliased edges. Compared to SMAA 1x this version reduces aliasing on static shots and improves the quality of blackboards and other game elements. The filmic version of SMAA on the other hand increases the aliasing of game elements and shadows.


If you’re a PC gamer and are looking for the best resolution for Black Ops 4 you can use the filmic render resolution. This option has two types non-filmic and filmic. Both types have a different effect on the game’s visual quality but they all produce slightly fuzzier graphics than their non-filmic counterparts. To use either type you simply multiply the sample size of each pixel by the monitor’s resolution.


The new T2x render resolution for Black Ops is more than a bit better than the previous generation. Although Black Ops 3 features a built-in Downsampling option you can still boost your effective render resolution. With a 1920×1080 monitor 7680×4320 provides enough resolution for a playable ‘bullshot.’ The resolution increases the fidelity of every element from distant objects to minute surface details.

T2x improves overall quality by using Filmic SMAA technology which has been used in previous COD games. Filmic SMAA is a kind of anti-aliasing technique that uses multisampled temporal filtration to analyze consecutive frames within the render pipeline. This technique reduces the appearance of ‘marching pixels’ when moving objects. It’s difficult to see the effects of Filmic SMAA in still images but it helps improve the image’s clarity in dynamic scenes.


Whether you want to optimize the image quality in Black Ops 4 is an individual decision. However there are a few options that you can try to improve the overall experience. Some games like Black Ops 3 and Advanced Warfare utilize Post-Process Anti-Aliasing (PPAA) and will let you select the resolution of your monitor. These settings will affect the overall performance and image quality of your game.

Using FXAA is relatively easy. It works by detecting contrast and edges of a scene and is the easiest way to enhance your visuals. However you must remember that the process requires multiple samples per fragment and computing the luma for each would be too expensive. One way to get around this is to use the green color channel which is much more sensitive than other colors. This technique improves the quality but lowers the image resolution.

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