How to Merge Microsoft Accounts

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If you use more than one Microsoft service you may need to merge your accounts. While these services are great for integrating with your smartphone if you want to use the same account for several services you will need to merge your accounts. You can read this article for more information. To avoid creating duplicate accounts create an alias with the same email address. To merge multiple OneDrive accounts you need to use a service like MultCloud.

How to create an alias for a Microsoft account

Creating an alias for your Microsoft account allows you to sign in using any email address or phone number as long as the account is verified. This will prevent unauthorized users from using the same email address and phone number for multiple purposes. The alias will remain associated with your Microsoft account but you can change the sign-in preferences to discourage them. It’s easy to do. Just follow these steps:

You can create a new email address under the aliases tab of your Microsoft account. In addition you can create an alias for Skype OneDrive Office Xbox or your phone number. Once you’ve created the new email address you’ll receive a welcome email from Microsoft and will be prompted to enter the new password. The instructions below will help you create an alias for your Microsoft account.

To add an alias you need admin permissions. You can also create one for yourself by going to the Mail & Office Dashboard which is accessible from the user’s account. Once you have admin permissions select a user and choose ‘Add an alias.’ Once you’ve added an alias you can use it for Gmail Outlook or other Exchange Online tenants.

Merging two or more Microsoft accounts

If you have multiple Microsoft accounts you may want to merge them to create one account. This can be useful for people who have bought different products from Microsoft or for people who want to use one email address to access all of their cloud-based files. The good news is that merging Microsoft accounts is simple and safe. Merging two or more accounts can be a great way to simplify password management and it can also help prevent disputes over passwords.

Having multiple Microsoft accounts isn’t easy but there are some options. The first is to change the settings for each individual account. You’ll need to make sure to set up each account in Outlook first and then you can merge the accounts. You can also merge multiple Skype accounts which are linked to the same Microsoft account. Lastly you can use different Microsoft accounts to access the same Xbox One content and Xbox Live Gold subscriptions.

The second option is to use a software program to merge your Microsoft accounts. Skype is an excellent example. It can merge Outlook mailboxes with different Microsoft accounts. First you need to export the Outlook mailboxes into PST format. You can then use a program called Kernel Merge PST. Once you’ve completed the export you’ll be notified of the results. If the merging process didn’t work you can try adding the other Microsoft account as an alias.

Using MultCloud to merge multiple OneDrive accounts

To use MultCloud to merge multiple OneDrive accounts you need to set up an account. You can sign in with a Facebook or Google account. MultCloud will then allow you to add multiple OneDrive accounts. After you do this you can allocate free space from the different cloud accounts to use. You can access the files in both of your OneDrive accounts. By using MultCloud you can access files stored on both accounts.

With MultCloud you can sync files between your OneDrive and MultCloud accounts. It is easy to do so because the program offers cloud-to-cloud file transfer. Once you’ve added your OneDrive account you can share photos videos application packages and more. The only drawback is that you must send your friends the default password of your MultCloud account. However MultCloud can make the process a lot simpler than traditional file transfer.

In addition to MultCloud you can also use CBackup a free cloud backup service for Windows computers. This service supports a number of cloud drive accounts and can easily merge multiple OneDrive accounts. It is free easy to use and can be used by many OneDrive users. Once you’ve used MultCloud you should be able to manage all of your cloud accounts seamlessly.

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