How to Make Your Sony PlayStation 5 Turn on by Itself

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Does your Sony PlayStation 5 turn on by itself? This could be a sign that it’s haunted or it could just be a hair trigger that turns the power button on and off without you pressing it. Regardless of the cause here are some possible solutions. 1. Disable the controller in the settings menu. 2. Disable HDMI-CEC. 3. Clean the console. If none of those work you can try the other steps mentioned in this article.

Disabling the controller from the settings menu

To turn off your PS5 controller you can go to the settings menu and select the Accessories option. This option is located eighth from the left sandwiched between the microphone and account settings. This will display a list of all accessories connected to your console. Choose the controller you want to disable and hit the top option. The controller will then turn off. The PlayStation 5 settings menu can be accessed from the home screen.

To use the DualSense controller simply press the PlayStation button. The button is located on the left hand side atop the black plate in the center. Press this button to switch between the two controllers. When the PlayStation button is pressed the controller is assigned to that user. This setting is saved by default. You can change this time in the PS5 settings menu. The default setting is three hours.

Disabling HDMI-CEC

If you want to enable HDMI-CEC on your PlayStation 5 you can disable the feature. To disable it you should first go into the system’s settings. Choose the Settings cog in the top-right corner of the screen. Go to System > HDMI and uncheck the box to disable the HDMI Device Link. To enable the option your PlayStation must be in the System mode. If you are able to see a solid white circle to the right of the wording it means the HDMI Device Link is enabled.

Disabling HDMI-CEC will also prevent your PlayStation 5 from turning on by itself when you are playing a game. This is especially helpful if your TV turns on automatically every time you connect it to the system. Disabling HDMI-CEC will also prevent your PlayStation 5 from turning on by itself when you are connected to another device via HDMI. But be aware that PlayStation 5 developers may take some time to fix the issue. Therefore it’s worth trying these solutions until they’re fixed.

Disabling Rest Mode

In order to enable PlayStation 5 to enter Rest Mode you should make sure that it’s turned off. This is not the most ideal method as it may result in damage to your console and corrupt data. Nevertheless it allows you to leave your console in rest mode for as long as you want so it can save you money on electricity bills. To manage the features available in rest mode go to Settings > System>Power Saving.

Thankfully you don’t have to turn your PlayStation 5 into this mode. By disabling rest mode you can prevent the console from experiencing crashes and failed firmware downloads. Unfortunately Sony has not yet fixed the problem and it’s possible to disable this feature by pressing and holding the power button for two seconds. Alternatively you can go into power settings and disable the Rest Mode feature altogether.

Cleaning the console

First you should clean the PlayStation 5 by placing it on a flat surface and waiting for several minutes. After that you can use a compressed air duster to remove dust from ports and fan exhaust. You can also use a cloth dipped in alcohol and wipe down the interior components. Be careful not to spray the alcohol because it can damage the skin. You can also contact Sony to request a free PS5 repair service.

If the PS5 console is too dirty to handle you can also try cleaning the fan assembly. The fan assembly is located on the open interior of the console. You can use a compressed air duster or a brush to clean the fan blades. After cleaning plug it back in and cover it. Once it’s dry you can turn the PS5 on again. If this still doesn’t work try reinstalling the problematic game and then trying again.

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