How to Make the Discord Calling Sound Better

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If you’re looking for a way to make the calling sound in Discord better read on. We’ll cover how to change your channel’s bitrate and enable noise suppression echo cancellation and automatic gain control. This article also includes information on how to change your server’s settings. Changing the calling sound is an easy way to increase your fidelity. But there are some other things you can do to make it sound even better.

Discord’s Snowsgiving theme

If you love the festive season and enjoy chatting online you’ll surely like Discord’s new snow-covered snowflake theme calling sound. If you’re not a fan of the snow-covered Discord logo you can turn off this feature and still have the snow-covered Discord logo on your desktop. Moreover you can upload your own festive stickers and emojis to the app. For more tips and tricks you can also sign up for the newsletter which offers free ebooks exclusive deals and tech tips.

You can turn on Snowsgiving notification sounds by navigating to the notification settings section in your desktop Discord account. Previously this option was enabled by default. However you can switch it off by selecting ‘Other’ or ‘Classic.’ If you’d prefer the old-school version of Discord’s notification sound you can also enable it in the same way. If you’re a new user you should update your app if it’s not updated yet.

Its audio settings

If you are having trouble with the audio quality in Discord you may not be able to hear your friends. To fix this issue you can disable Stereo Mix. Click the Recording tab and then click the Playback device to select it. There are other options available as well. Ensure that you’re using the correct device for your system. If you have more than one microphone you can select them all and choose the one that works best for your needs.

You can adjust the sensitivity of the microphone by clicking on the mic icon and choosing ‘Settings’. You can also set a shortcut for speaking. You can also disable the Advanced Voice Activity and Automatic Gain Control. Discord uses Quality of Service which means it prioritizes calls over streaming. By enabling these settings you’ll be able to hear your teammates without interruption. You can adjust the quality of your audio by turning off automatic noise reduction echo cancellation and other voice processing features.

Its server settings

If you’ve switched on the Discord calling sound you might have noticed that it goes off when someone sends you a message or speaks in a voice channel. If you’re tired of the annoying sound there’s a simple solution. Simply reinstall the Discord app and update the audio driver. Next restore your customizations servers channels and avatar. These will all be restored and you should be able to hear your friends and team members again.

If you’re not hearing any notifications try turning on the audio and unmuting the microphone on your computer. If you’re using a headset you can manually switch the settings on your headset and then click the User Settings icon in the bottom-left corner of your screen. Under App Settings select Voice & Video. In the Voice & Video tab click the Input Device drop-down menu. Click the volume slider for your headset. Under Voice & Video select the appropriate input and output devices.

Its noise suppression

Discord users have long complained about the annoying Echo a noise caused by background noise and amplifying one’s voice. Recently Discord teamed up with noise suppression software company Krisp to address this issue. The Discord Echo filter can help users reduce the unwanted background noise while communicating. Discord recently raised $100 million in funding at a valuation of $3.5 billion. This move signals the future of Discord as the company moves beyond games to focus on business.

To use this feature Discord users should enable the feature under Advanced Settings Voice and Video > Noise Suppression. It’s not mandatory but you can enable it on your device by turning off the ‘Noise Suppression’ option in chat. Alternatively users can turn on the ‘Krisp’ option in Discord’s Settings Voice and Video > Advanced> Noise Suppression.

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