How to Make Mic Louder on Discord

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If you’re having trouble making your microphone louder on Discord you’ve come to the right place. This article will teach you how to set the input sensitivity in your Discord preferences increase the volume of your output microphone and restart your Discord session. We’ll also cover how to clean your mic. Follow these simple steps and you’ll have no trouble making your Discord microphone louder in no time.

Setting input sensitivity

Discord has many options for setting the mic volume. If you have a normal mic you should use this setting. Otherwise you should use the pop filter function. Using the pop filter will help eliminate background noise. If your microphone isn’t loud enough you can use the settings in the ‘Input device’ menu to adjust the volume. You can try out various levels of input sensitivity to find the best one for you.

First restart your computer. If you have a bad connection you may have to restart the computer and the Discord application. You can also try logging out of Discord and logging back in. Alternatively you can close Discord and restart it as an administrator. In both cases your mic should now be louder. If this still doesn’t work you should reset the settings in Discord.

Cleaning a microphone

If you want to make your mic on Discord louder there are a few steps you need to follow. To start you should check your input device settings. If your microphone is not detected make sure you don’t set it for line or auxiliary level input. Alternatively you can open the microphone settings window in Discord and click on the ‘Mic Test’ header. After that click ‘Let’s Check’ and the mic will play back. You can also check the microphone quality during playback by pressing the playback button.

Alternatively you can clean your microphone manually. Once you’ve cleaned it Discord will try to adjust the volume based on your input volume. This won’t work if there’s a lot of room noise or big differences in speaking volume. In such cases you should turn off the pop filter and manually adjust the microphone volume. This should solve the problem. If you want to use a gaming headset make sure you get one with an inbuilt microphone.

Boosting output volume

If you use voice chat a lot boosting output volume on Discord is crucial for better communication. While the service has many helpful features you may have missed some of them. Here are some easy ways to boost your Discord output volume. You can also make use of advanced voice settings such as noise suppression automatic gain control and attenuation. If you have trouble hearing your own voice Discord offers Nitro Boosts which increase your output volume without sacrificing quality.

To make use of this feature you need to open the Discord settings application. Go to the ‘User Settings’ tab. Click the Audio Subsystem tab. Click ‘Use Legacy Audio Subsystem’ and toggle it to ‘yes.’ A pop-up window will appear confirming your selection. Click the ‘Okay’ button to confirm your change. After you’ve done that go ahead and relaunch Discord.

Restarting Discord

If your microphone isn’t loud enough on your PC restarting Discord might help. Sometimes Discord makes a weird microphone selection when you leave the settings as default. This is especially true if you’re using a gaming laptop or a computer with a built-in microphone. Restarting the computer can sometimes resolve the problem. If all else fails you can always restart Discord as administrator.

Restarting Discord may also help if your microphone is muted. Make sure you plug both audio jacks into the front and rear of your computer. If this doesn’t work you might have to try a different microphone. This way you’ll ensure that Discord uses the correct audio jacks and won’t cause any microphone problems. After restarting the app try plugging the microphone again.

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