How to Make Custom Discord Games

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If you’re interested in learning how to make custom Discord games this article is for you! We’ll cover Game status options Bots and Embeds. These tools are vital for making games on Discord! Learn how to make custom Discord games today! We’ll walk you through the process step-by-step! But before we get started let’s discuss the status options in general.

Game status

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own Discord games you can do so in several different ways. Firstly you can create a custom message for your profile and set it to appear only when you’re playing a game. Once you have set the message you can toggle it on or off and then type it into the associated message box. You can then start playing and worry less about other users finding out that you’re playing a game.

You can add a game to the Discord chat by clicking the + button next to the game you’d like to create. When a user joins your Discord channel they will see the name of the game as their now playing status. You can also add a custom emoji or message to the chat window and select a time when it will clear so it goes back to default when the user logs out.

Custom status options

In Discord games you can set up a custom status to indicate your game status. This will allow friends and acquaintances to jump in and play right away without having to wait until you’ve finished your game to reply. The status will also automatically update based on your game activity. Whether you’re chatting on Discord or playing a game on your computer the custom status will automatically update for you.

In addition to setting up your game status in Discord you can also disable the overlay to display game information. You can also change the name of the game if you’d like. For example Valorant replaces Mario. This is a great way to personalize your game experience! In Discord games it’s easy to change the status of a game by navigating to its settings. Once you’ve added a game to the menu you can then customize its status.


Once you have downloaded the Dyno bot you can begin making your own game. You can add any number of bots to the game from 1 to 100. This bot uses a special token that is the equivalent of the user’s password. Never give out your token to other people as this allows the bot to do all sorts of malicious things such as pinging everyone in the server maliciously. You can also change the color of the leaderboards and background. After you’ve made your changes you can save the settings. After you’ve saved the changes you can start making your own custom game!

To create a bot you first need to create an invitation URL and sign into your Discord account. To invite your bot log into your Discord server and check the ‘bot’ checkbox under ‘scopes.’ Note that you should be aware of the consequences of needing Administrator permission for your bot. Discord also requires users to enable 2FA for certain actions and permissions. Creating a bot is very simple and requires only a few clicks.


To create custom Discord games you can use Embeds. Embeds are special messages that you can embed within your Discord games. They are useful for delivering information to players in a unique way. You can customize the message by changing certain parameters. The first step is to create an embed message. This process opens a new window. You can set the trigger title content and description. You can choose other fields such as the thumbnail of your message and the link to your image.

Once you have created a Discord bot you will need to embed your message. You can also use a timer to send a message to users. The response can be plain text or an embed message. This way users will know when they’re online and if they’re on their chat. Embeds in custom Discord games are a great way to keep your community engaged. If you’re looking for a unique way to customize your Discord bot you’ve come to the right place.

Third-party apps

If you are looking for a way to create a Discord game you can add a dedicated text or voice channel and add other features. If you are familiar with the Discord platform you can even build your own custom game using third-party apps. This article will explain how to do just that. To get started install the Discord app and then go to the ‘Getting Started’ section to learn about the different features of your Discord server.

While Discord does not have a ‘library’ per se it does have a ‘Activity Status’ feature which lets other users know what game you are playing. It also keeps a history of games you’ve played in the past. Another feature of Discord is that you can create a custom message with any image you like and display it with a different font and color. This is an easy way to create a Discord game that gives your gamers all the customization options they desire.

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