How to Make a Group in Roblox

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If you’ve ever wondered how to make a group on Roblox then you’ve come to the right place. This article covers everything from naming your group to changing it as well as identifying groups that have been abandoned. It will also help you earn Robux from your group! Follow these steps to create a Roblox group and have the most fun! Then make friends and enjoy playing Roblox together!

Creating a group on Roblox

If you have ever played Roblox you probably know that the best way to form a group is to use your own brand name. While this is against the Roblox terms of service it gives you a little extra time to come up with a creative group name. Using a brand name is not allowed but no one has been in serious trouble for doing so. Creating a group is entirely free and is one of the easiest ways to get involved in the Roblox community.

Once you have a group name you will need to create a description for it. A group description should be short but catchy. You can also upload a group emblem. This can be a picture file or an image file. If you don’t have an icon for it yet you can drag it in from your computer. You can change the emblem at a later time but you cannot delete it.

Changing a group name

There’s a simple way to change the name of your Roblox group. It only takes about a minute and will display in your Group Search cards. Robux the currency used to create groups will be required to change the name of your group. After the 90 days you can reuse the old name again. Changing the name of your Roblox group will cost you 100 Robux. However you can change it back after 90 days without losing all the content you have created.

To change the name of a group you must log into the Roblox app and go to the Settings tab. Go to the Groups section. Click the group you want to change. Hover your mouse over the group name to view its previous names. Once you’ve changed the group name click Edit. You can also edit the group’s logo and description. Just remember to change the name back to something more creative if you’re planning on changing the name again.

Identifying abandoned groups

There are hundreds of abandoned groups on Roblox. If you don’t know how to find them you could spend hours searching. Thankfully there are some steps you can take to find abandoned groups on Roblox. First navigate to the groups section of the Roblox main menu. Click on ‘Groups’ then select the category and group type you want to explore. If the group type is not what you’re looking for you can always click on ‘Abandoned’ and search for it.

To start first you need to identify who created the group. Often group names contain brand names. If you don’t want to face copyright issues you can try to change the name of your group to something else. This will give you extra time to think of a name. Of course using a brand name to form a group is against the Roblox terms of service but there hasn’t been a single instance of anyone getting in trouble for using another group’s name. Also you can change the description of a group but you can’t remove the owner.

Earning Robux from a group

Earning Robux from a group in the Roblox game is very simple. First you have to create a group. Once you have one you can start earning Robux by paying other members and purchasing items for your group. Earning Robux by playing games is a great way to make money on the game. But there are many ways to earn Robux in Roblox. Listed below are some of the most popular ways to make money with Roblox.

Using the sales URL of your group you can purchase a game pass for a specific group. Once you have done so you can go to the group page to check the amount of Robux you have earned. It will show as ‘Pending’ and it will appear in your group’s funds after 3 days. After the 3 days are up you can select a payout recipient and enter their username.

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