How to Kill All Mobs in Minecraft With the /kill @e Command

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If you’re tired of fighting against mobs learn how to kill them in Minecraft. Here are some tips for killing Silverfish Iron Golems Witches and more. You’ll be amazed at how quickly they die! You can even learn how to kill Mobs in Minecraft with the /kill @e command! Once you learn how to kill mobs in Minecraft you’ll be on your way to building amazing worlds!

/kill @e command

The /kill @e command kills all mobs in your loaded area except the player and entities. Using this command correctly is essential for avoiding unnecessary deaths but you should also take extra precaution to avoid accidentally killing yourself or your friends in the process. The /kill @e command is best used in a world where you are not tempted to play the game.

When playing Minecraft you might need to kill a lot of mobs. For example a wall can contain hundreds of mobs including roaming traders. It can also cause frame stuttering. A good way to fix this is to kill mobs in bulk. Doing this will not only improve your frame rate but it will also protect your computer from overheating.


If you have a lot of silverfish around you might be thinking about catching them for your infinite XP farm. Silverfish are small hostile mobs found in blocks that are infested with their eggs. Silverfish spawn in blocks with broken spawners and they are not found on smooth or mossy blocks. Silverfish will not spawn within 5 blocks of the player so beware!

The silverfish will attack you if you touch them or change their Y-cord. This counts as a damage hop so be careful when you’re coming down from your initial damage hop. It’s a good idea to use armor when mining. You can also equip armour with thorns. They can deal massive damage so it’s important to wear protective gear. If you are unsure of what weapons to use try using a melee weapon.

Iron Golems

To kill Iron Golems you can use an iron block arrangement. You can place them in an upright position lying down or upside down. Make sure the empty spaces are filled with air blocks to prevent the golem from spawning. You can also place a pumpkin on top of the block arrangement to prevent the golem from spawning. Remember that iron golems will spawn facing south so you should avoid placing solid blocks near them.

If you want to know how to kill Iron Golems first you need to understand the way they react to attacks. While some of the attacks will kill a golem you will need to know how to deal with their negative rep. Generally iron golems will get mad when you hit them. Once you’ve killed a golem and gotten negative reputation it will attack you.


There are several ways to deal with witches in Minecraft. The best method is to keep a distance of 11 blocks and tease the witches with Potion of Swiftness. When they drink the potion it will heal them. Whenever possible carry a healing potion with you. You can also use milk to remove the effects of their spells. If you are not equipped with these items you can always use milk to kill the witches.

Once you’ve managed to get the witch to flee from your village you’ll have to kill her. To kill her you need to collect glass bottles and a cauldron. The witch may have a useful potion in her cauldron. This method will work if you have the Java version of Minecraft. Illagers are dangerous hostile mobs that look like villagers. They can attack you if you get too close.


In Minecraft skeletons are common hostile mobs. They attack with arrows shot from a bow. Beginners should use their weapon to fight the skeleton. On normal difficulty skeletons don’t have the best aim. It’s possible to dodge the skeleton’s arrows and more experienced players can charge in and kill it with a weapon.

You can also find spiders in the game. These creatures can attack players who enter their space when the light level drops to a certain level. They will also attack players who try to mine gold. Defeating spiders is easier than it looks and you can use your armor to protect yourself from being attacked by them. However if you’re unable to kill them with your armor you’ll have to face one of the spider jockeys and use a bow and an arrow to hit them.

Witches are the most annoying mobs in minecraft

While many players like to avoid them there are actually some strategies that can help you beat them. First you need to know that witches can spawn anywhere and swamps are a common location for them. They are deadly able to cast poison potions that last 45 seconds and they can spawn in the strangest places. Fortunately you can recognize them by their cackle so if you’re unprepared you’ll be in for a nasty surprise.

The best way to avoid them is to keep a bucket of milk nearby. A bucket of milk can remove the harmful effects of witch potions which can be useful in combat. Another way to kill them is to get the glass bottles in their cauldron. If you can’t find these you can make a potent potion from them by placing them on the ground. A pot of milk can even remove the effects of some witch potions.

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