How to Join a Meeting When the Host Already Has Another Meeting in Progress

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When you want to invite someone to a meeting but the host already has another one in progress you can copy the invitation. To copy the invitation go to the upcoming meetings page and click the Copy Invitation link. The details of the meeting will appear. Click the copy invitation link to send it. To join the meeting without the host click the ‘Create recurring meetings’ option and follow the prompts.

Join before host

To join before the host has another meeting in progress select the ‘Join before the host’ option while scheduling the meeting. This option allows participants to join a meeting before the host even if they do not have a meeting ID yet. This is useful when scheduling meetings for others. The host cannot start a meeting until the meeting is ready so it is useful to know what your preferred timings are.

When scheduling a meeting you can enable or disable the option to Join before the host has another meeting in progress. To enable this feature go to the Meeting Settings section of the Zoom web portal. Go to the Participation of Previous Hosts tab. You will see a verification dialog. To uncheck the option click the ‘x’ in the corresponding checkbox. Then click OK. After the checkbox is selected click the Join before the host has another meeting in progress.

Custom join before limits

If you are the host of a Zoom meeting you can turn on the setting ‘Allow participants to join the meeting before the start time’ in the settings page of the meeting. Click Meetings in the top-right corner of the Zoom application hover over the meeting you want to join and then click Edit Advanced Options. Then click the time limit you want for participants to join before the meeting starts. Please note that custom join before limits is not compatible with PMI end-to-end encryption or host controls.

If you are the administrator of a Zoom meeting you can enable or disable the setting for your attendees to join the meeting before the host. Toggling on or off this setting requires the Administrator to edit the user group’s settings in the Zoom web portal. Zoom administrators can lock this setting for specific users. Once you have the setting you can turn it on or off. To disable the setting for a group you must change the account level of each user.

End-to-End encryption

Zoom’s end-to-end encryption feature will protect a meeting’s contents from being monitored. This feature will initially be available only in technical preview so the company can obtain user feedback before a mass rollout. In the second phase of the program end-to-end encryption for single sign-on will be available to everyone. In order to enable this feature the host must verify the meeting key. Fortunately this requirement does not apply to the attendees of the meeting.

While Zoom claims to use end-to-end encryption it doesn’t offer dial-up audio encryption. The company does provide TLS (transport) encryption which is the same encryption used by web servers to secure HTTPS websites. If the host of a meeting isn’t using encryption the company could potentially gain access to unencrypted audio and video. The same goes for Signal a messaging app that claims to offer end-to-end encryption but does not hold the keys that are necessary to decrypt messages.

Setting up recurring meetings without the host

Using the Manage participants feature you can set up recurring meetings without the host when another one is already in progress. This will enable you to mute all participants or only those who have given permission to join. This feature can be helpful if you’d like to allow all attendees to join but you don’t want other people to be distracted during the meeting. You can mute everyone at once or individually by clicking Manage participants.

If another meeting is in progress when you try to set up a recurring meeting you’ll have a hard time finding it. To avoid this make sure that you set an end date to the meeting which is 30 days. This will prevent the meeting from being cancelled prematurely. If you need to make changes to your recurring meeting you’ll need to make changes in your Outlook calendar and on the WebEx site which is not a good idea if you’re already running a meeting and need to add a new one.

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