How to Get Your Discord Token

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How to get your Discord token is a very important question that everyone asking this question must ask themselves. You can’t get your Discord token in the Discord mobile app because the mobile version doesn’t have the developer tools. In this case you can find your token on the browser version of Discord by pressing ‘CTRL+SHIFT+I’. Be sure that you never give your Discord token to anyone – any scammer claiming to be from Discord will likely ask you for yours.

IconFinder Premium for Discord Bots

If you are an artist or graphic designer you should consider IconFinder Premium for Discord Bots. This discord bot will display high-quality icons for your Discord bots. You can also customize it for your needs. The premium package costs anywhere from $5 to $10 per month. You can view the list of included features in the Patreon page of the developer. EasyPoll is a Discord bot that generates polls and follows standard commands.

If you want to play music on Discord Fredbot is a great choice. It plays music from various sources including YouTube. It supports playlists and has an in-built volume control. This bot also has lyrics and can play multiple songs simultaneously. Octave is available for free but there are also paid versions. The paid version allows you to have longer queues as well as more custom playlists.

IconFinder Premium allows you to customize icons with various colors and it also allows you to change the size of each icon. You can also adjust the color of each button and add it to your stylesheet. You can also add social media icons to your web directory and customize them as per your requirements. This Discord Bot can even customize the appearance of its own icons. You can also use it with other bots so you can choose which icons you want to use for your Discord Bots.


There are a few ways to get a Gitignore discord token. One is to add it to a file. Then when you commit a file to Git Discord police checks for this token. You’ll see a notification on Gitignore’s website when you do this. Git is an awesome project but you can’t use it if your files aren’t public.

Discord tokens are easy to leak. The best way to protect your Git account is to always know it. You can check the developer portal’s ‘Bot’ section and click the ‘Regenerate’ button. Bots that have eval commands may leak your token. To avoid leaking your token use filters to filter messages. Here’s an example. Then use this filter to filter out any messages that don’t contain your token.

Alternatively you can copy your token from the Discord developer portal. This token is a simple string that represents a bot’s password. The token is a good choice for bots as it makes development easier. You can even use environment variables to protect your tokens. This can also save you time in the future since you’ll be able to add more features to your bots more easily.

OAuth2 authorization code grant

If you’d like to integrate your Discord chat app with an application you’ll need to know how to get an OAuth2 authorization code grant for Discord. Discord supports several different types of OAuth2 authentication including the authorization code grant implicit grant and modified special-for-Discord flow. Here’s a step-by-step guide for setting up an OAuth2 authorization code grant for Discord.

The first step is to sign up for an account with Atlassian. This will enable you to create an application and purchase licenses. After registering go to the ‘Create Application’ page and enter the name of your application. In the ‘General Information’ section copy the Client ID and Client Secret. Once you have these information navigate to the ‘OAuth2’ tab and copy the Base URL. Save the changes. Next open the Postman application and select ‘OAuth2’ and then click ‘Get Access Token.’

Next go to the ‘Authorization Code’ page in Discord’s developer portal. You’ll see the name of your application the scope of its use and the code. Note that the authorization code is not the access token but is the temporary authorization code. You can use this code to get an access token later. But make sure you’ve made sure to keep this information in a safe place.

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