How to Get the Latest Version of the PXIMouse Driver

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The Pximouse file is a record of your mouse movement keystrokes and cursor activity. Keeping records of your mouse and keystroke activity is important but you can also delete the file if you prefer not to. Many users opt to delete their internet browsing history and Pximouse file so as to keep their activities hidden. However disabling Pximouse is an alternative solution to this problem.

Virus scans

It’s not uncommon for you to receive a warning message from your antivirus that the pximouse you’re using has a virus. This usually happens when your anti-virus software has not been updated in a while and it’s not always possible to tell which applications are harmful. Unfortunately this can lead to a virus being misidentified as a mouse driver. To protect yourself from such a threat you can run a pximouse virus scan to see if the pximouse is safe. If you’re unsure the best thing to do is to disable the program completely.

Although PXImouse sounds like a virus it’s not malicious software. This program is actually part of the PixArt Imaging Inc software suite and performs a variety of essential functions on your PC. In addition to causing your mouse to run faster it can cause your PC to slow down. If you notice this software running in the background you should download a PXImouse virus scanner.

Driver application

The PXIMouse driver is an executable file that makes your mouse usable on your computer. It is often downloaded automatically when you plug in your mouse. However if you have outdated versions this can slow down your computer and cause your mouse to have malfunctioning features. So how do you get the latest version of the PXIMouse driver file? Read this guide and find out. But first make sure you uninstall the old version of the PXIMouse driver file.

The PXIMouse driver runs when you turn on your computer. It detects your PixArtmouse and provides driver support for it. However it may use up system resources. So deleting it may be a better option. Moreover you can try disabling it. To know whether you really need this application try disabling it first. But don’t be tempted to delete it just because it doesn’t look like it does anything.

Memory consumption

The PXIMouse driver program is installed automatically when a computer detects a connected PixArtmouse. It then uses system resources for driver support. Memory consumption may vary depending on how much memory the mouse process uses. It is best to check the process’s memory usage with an anti-malware scan before making a decision. Otherwise you can manually uninstall the driver. However you should avoid allowing the PXIMouse driver to install as it may cause your computer to run slower than usual.

To find the exact culprit open the Task Manager. Click the Start button in the lower left-hand corner of your taskbar. Double-click on the pximouse process and select ‘Displayed Applications.’ You can also find it under C:Program Files. If the mouse does not appear under the displayed applications category look in the Registry and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Be sure to consult a computer professional before removing the entries.


When you plug in your PixArtmouse a process called PXImouse will automatically run in the background. This process uses system resources to detect the PixArtmouse connected to your computer. However when you want to uninstall PXImouse you have to be aware of its installation process. Outdated versions can slow down your computer or divert system resources to other processes.

To locate PXIMouse files and folders open your Windows Start Button (located at the lower left corner of the taskbar). Click on ‘Program Files’ and then search for pximouse. If you don’t find the program in this folder look in your Windows Registry. You’ll find it under the displayed applications folder in C:Program Files. Other locations where pximouse files can be found include C:Program Files and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. To delete registry entries you’ll need to consult a computer professional.

The process for removing PXIMouse is simple. It records activities on your keyboard and mouse. Although the software doesn’t harm your computer it does use memory and CPU resources. It’s best to delete it from your computer if you detect it using a free antivirus program. But if you still can’t delete it you can remove it from your PC by using an anti-malware tool.

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