How to Get Rid of a IP Ban on Discord

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If you have recently been banned from Discord you may be wondering how to get rid of the ban. You will need to change your IP address in order to regain access. If you are under the age of 18 you can change your age in your profile. However this method can make your internet connection unstable and you will no longer be able to chat with other users. To get a new IP address you can purchase a VPN service.

VPN service

To understand how to get a new IP address to use on Discord let’s start with what the problem is. First of all you should make sure you are connected to a VPN service. Sometimes users are banned from Discord because they’ve used a VPN service. Sometimes it’s just because the server your using is blocked. In such cases you should switch to a different region or reboot your Discord app. Alternatively you can check your DNS leaks security settings and web cookie cache.

A VPN service allows you to connect to another location and hide your original IP address by giving you a new one from another country. You can look for the right software package by searching on the Internet. There are both free and paid VPN services on the market. With either option you should be able to evade the IP ban on Discord. Using a VPN service will also let you access content blocked on Discord.

Once your VPN service is installed you can log in to the Discord server and join the banned server again. This will allow you to re-join the server without fear of an IP ban. The good thing about using a VPN service is that you can change your IP address on the fly. If you’re worried about your privacy try NordVPN which offers 60% off. However before you do anything make sure that your VPN service is compatible with the Discord server you want to use.

Unblocking Discord on macOS

If you’ve been having trouble unblocking people on Discord you might be wondering how to do it on macOS. Fortunately there’s an easy way to fix this. The first step to unblocking someone on Discord is to right-click on their username in the chat window. Once the chat window opens click the red ‘Unblock’ option to see the message that’s blocked them.

To restrict Discord access you can use parental controls. These are built-in computer features that help parents monitor online activities. For example you can block access to Discord for children or set a time limit. This way your child will be limited to a certain amount of time on Discord each day and you’ll be able to control the type of content they can access. Alternatively you can use Screen Time to restrict access to certain apps.

Once you have blocked someone you can unblock them again by sending them a friend request. The only problem with this is that you’ll need to wait a while before the person can approve the request again. This method is only effective for blocking friends on private channels though. The process is more complicated if you have friends in different servers. If you’re able to find someone who’s not in your network you can still unblock them on Discord.

Getting a new IP address

If you’ve been banned from a Discord server you might wonder how to unban the user and revoke the ban. First you’ll need a new Discord username and IP address. If you don’t have a new IP address yet you can get a new Discord IP address by switching to a different network device or VPN. Creating a new Discord account is free and can help you regain access to Discord.

While a Discord IP address is not easily available to users there are ways to get a new one. Discord uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) to protect your data. Because of this you shouldn’t have to worry about anyone hacking your computer. However you should consider using a third-party IP address resolver tool to permanently ban a user from the Discord server.

A VPN connection allows you to avoid Discord’s location tracking. The VPN also makes it possible to use Discord on Mac. It also prevents the app from tracking your location when you’re chatting with others. Despite iOS’s supposed security the vulnerabilities of Discord remain the same across all platforms including the iOS. If you’re using an iPhone to access Discord you should get a VPN for the device. Once you’ve got your IP address follow the steps above to renew it or release it. Make sure to turn off your firewall first before you try any of these.

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