How to Get a Netflix Student Discount

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Netflix is a great way to keep your family and friends entertained at home but there are other ways to save money as well. Consider using gift cards such as AMEX or Google Play. They can be used for Netflix subscriptions and will save you money if you use the same card to pay your bills. To pay for your subscription with a gift card you can use your coupon code. You can also find Netflix gift cards at discounted prices online or in stores.


Whether you’re on a budget or you just need to watch more TV shows Hulu is a great option. It’s available on nearly every platform and supports all major operating systems. With the Netflix student discount on Hulu you can watch more TV shows for less! This deal allows you to watch the latest shows for just $2 a month which is about half the price of a standard plan. However you must watch commercials to qualify for this deal.

In order to qualify for the Netflix student discount on Hulu you must be enrolled in an accredited college or university. If you leave school you’ll automatically lose the discount. Hulu’s SheerID system enforces this rule. After twelve months your status must be re-verified. The verification process is the same as it was for the initial review. If you’d like to confirm your status you can provide your current student ID timetable and other supporting documents to the company.

Amazon Prime Video

If you’re a student and want to save money on your monthly subscription to Amazon Prime Video you may want to consider signing up for a student discount. Not only will you save money but you can also enjoy free access to thousands of movies and TV shows with Prime Video. In addition to being free to download the service also includes access to award-winning Amazon Originals. Amazon Prime Student members also get free access to Amazon Video and other major deals through its parent company.

In order to apply for a student discount to Amazon Prime you must have an active Amazon account and be currently enrolled in at least one class. Unfortunately not all students have valid ‘.edu’ email addresses. Students without valid email addresses can still apply as long as they provide appropriate documentation from their educational institution. In addition to saving money students can save time and effort by signing up for Prime. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a free trial today and start saving money and time!


If you’re a student you can sign up for Netflix with a student discount. The discount is 25 percent off the Basic plan and is valid for a limited time. You can also receive the student discount on Showtime or Spotify. You need to provide a student ID or a university-issued document. The discount is good for four years after which your subscription will switch to its regular monthly rate.

For an additional cost you can also receive a monthly subscription to Paramount+ which has a great library of TV shows and movies. You can also watch live sports and news streams. You can also enjoy original programming from Paramount brands including Showtime Comedy Central and MTV. Some of the shows available on Paramount+ are exclusive to the service such as The Challenge: All Stars which stars Trevor Noah but is not yet available on Netflix.


Students can get a 50% discount on a monthly subscription to Spotify Hulu or YouTube Premium. Spotify has a free trial available that lasts for a month. The premium service removes ads from YouTube videos and gives you access to original movies TV shows and music. The student discount on YouTube also covers YouTube Music. You can upgrade to a family plan or a lifetime membership for a discounted price of $60 per month.

Another way to get a discount on video streaming is to look for a student subscription to Netflix. Although Netflix does not offer student discounts many other services offer them. Crackle is one of them. For the same price as a monthly subscription to Netflix you can sign up for a 30-day free trial and then purchase the premium service. You can also find other alternatives by searching for ‘Netflix student discount.’

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