How to Get a Discord Server Owner Crown

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If you’ve created a server in Discord you’re probably wondering how to get a discord server owner crown. In this article we’ll explain how to get the crown remove it and reappear it. First we’ll look at how to assign different roles within Discord. Once you assign a role you can choose to become the server owner remove the crown or assign a new role.

How to get a discord server owner’s crown

A server owner can get a crown badge displayed next to their name on Discord. The crown badge makes it easy for people to reach out to them for help. It’s important to note that as your server grows in size the responsibility of running the server increases as well and you may find it hard to respond to all of the requests. A crown on your name makes people feel good about you as the server owner.

The Discord crown icon is displayed next to the username of the server owner by default. If you wish to get this crown you should first obtain server ownership. Owning a server grants you access to administrator permissions as well as the ability to kick users and manage permissions. The crown icon can be obtained by either creating a server yourself or passing it on to another role. The process is simple and the Discord community will appreciate it!

The owner’s crown badge is very similar to a role in Discord and it can be used to indicate that you are responsible for your server. It also makes it easier for members to ask for help. Of course owning a crown can also be a difficult responsibility to manage so it is best to assign an admin to handle the server if you don’t have time to monitor it yourself.

How to remove a discord server owner’s crown

If you have been the owner of a Discord server and are tired of being approached by people you can easily remove the crown icon from your name. All you have to do is refresh the Discord page by pressing Ctrl or CMD + R. If the crown icon is already on your name you can add a new role. You can also name the new role if you want.

First you need to give your role the administrator privilege. Be careful not to give a dummy role as this will prevent you from being able to become the server’s administrator. The administrator role grants full server access and bypasses the permissions that each channel has. This allows you to change the server settings or create new administrator roles which is the most common reason why people try to remove server owners’ crowns.

To remove the crown you have to give yourself a role as an Administrator. This is done by granting yourself the Administrator role and then setting the permissions to all online members. You can then save the changes to hide the server owner. After that you can refresh the page and join the role again. In addition you can also remove the crown by clicking the icon at the top left corner of the screen.

How to reappear a discord server owner’s crown

If you’ve ever wondered how to reappear a Discord server owner’s crown then you’re not alone. Discord has an excellent communication tool and a feature called the Discord crown helps users easily identify the server’s owner. Unfortunately the crown doesn’t always present itself but it can be a simple fix. Here are a few steps that will help you reappear your crown:

To restore your crown you must first switch off the option that displays online members and role members separately. To do this go into the server settings and click on ‘roles and functions’.

If you don’t already have admin privileges you can create a new role and add yourself to it. You can also create a new role with a different name and color if you’d like. Next restart your Discord. Once you’ve restarted you should no longer see the crown icon. It’s important to remember that you have the right permissions to remove the crown.

The Discord crown icon indicates who owns the server and is a useful feature for newcomers. However it is also visible to other members and Discord has disabled it for some users. In order to reappear the crown icon you can modify the settings in Discord. Go to the ‘Roles’ tab on the left sidebar. Next click on ‘Create Position’ to add a new function to your Discord server.

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