How to Format Code Blocks in Discord

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Code blocks in Discord work well for direct messages and can be helpful when you want to emphasize a message without appearing in public chat. If you have an Android phone or tablet you can install a third-party keyboard app to support Discord. Code blocks are perfect for direct messages as they are formatted to highlight your message in the correct way. Once you have the right keyboard app you can format code blocks easily in Discord.

Syntax highlighting

Discord users debate over the use of Dark or Light themes. In addition to the Dark and Light themes Discord also supports markdown a symbol-based formatting language. Markdown allows users to add color to text. Discord code blocks are the most common markdown format. Users can use markdown to add a variety of formatting options including syntax highlighting. Syntax highlighting in Discord code blocks is available for both plain text and markdown-formatted messages.

The syntax highlighting in code blocks on Discord is similar to that of Whatsapp. When using a code block the user can emphasize text using a bold or blue font. In addition Discord supports single-line and multi-line code blocks. However there is a difference between single and double-quote syntax. If you want to use a double-quote use double-quotes.

Multiple-line code blocks

Many text editors including Notepad++ and Sublime Text allow you to highlight certain elements of code with syntax highlighting. This feature allows you to define the programming language you are using and highlight important elements in a code block in color. Multiple-line code blocks in Discord allow you to format code in this manner but formatting styles may affect the color. In addition it is important to note that Discord does not publish a list of supported languages.

To use multiple-line code blocks in Discord first select the channel where you want to write your code. Then press the backtick key on the keyboard on the upper-left side. This key is located near the tilde. To begin formatting a code block press the first three backticks without spaces followed by three backticks on the last line. You can repeat this process as many times as you like.

Color coding

Discord supports color coding. Users can use the following codes to make their text more noticeable and easy to read. The first line contains three backquote symbols (”) that describe the color of the solarized dark theme. The second line is entered by pressing Shift + Enter. You may need to hold SHIFT while pressing ENTER to enter it. Pressing Enter alone will not send the text. Once you have completed these steps you can start adding color coding to your text in Discord.

Using colors to make your text more visible is a powerful way to draw the attention of other users. You can use it to draw attention to important information or express a certain feeling. To make text bold you need to use the strikethrough symbol twice. Likewise you can use asterisks to make text italic or bold. When using more than one color people are more likely to read it and listen to it. It also attracts more members and attention to your channel.

Markdown support

You can add Markdown support in code blocks in a variety of ways. For example you can write code blocks without indentation by using triple backticks. However your code blocks will not be syntax-highlighted unless they contain at least three backticks. If you want to use markdown with other languages you can disable smart punctuation in code blocks. Things also supports link syntax which makes it compatible with Markdown apps. It will also detect and break text containing three asterisks or hyphens.

HTML however is also supported. If you want to use HTML you can also use the ‘p’ tag which allows you to separate the markup from the surrounding content. However it is important to remember that in Markdown you must not use a preface or delimit to denote a paragraph. In addition HTML block-level elements must be separated from the surrounding content by blank lines. Markdown does not insert unnecessary p-tags around HTML block-level tags.

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