How to Fix the Minecraft Not Responding Error

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If you want to make your gaming experience even more enjoyable you may have installed a game mod. These add-ons improve the game’s functionality texture and more. However some of these mods may interfere with the game’s core files causing the Minecraft not responding error. If you are unsure whether a mod is causing your error check this guide. After installing a mod restart your game and check if it works.

Disabling in-game overlay

If you’re experiencing a Minecraft not responding issue you might be running an outdated game or a conflicting GPU driver. If this is the case disabling the in-game overlay might be the solution. Make sure to restart your computer before attempting to solve the problem. Disabling the in-game overlay should fix the Minecraft not responding issue. Disable the in-game overlay in the game settings by clicking ‘User Settings’ and ‘Overlay’ on the top left corner.

Another common cause of the Minecraft not responding error is the Discord overlay. In order to disable the overlay first you must close the Discord application. Secondly close all unnecessary applications. Then click the settings icon. Finally turn off the Enable in-game overlay option. After this the Minecraft problem should go away. It might take a few hours for the problem to clear. However if the issue is not resolved after a few hours you can try running the game as administrator.

Uninstalling third-party mods

Sometimes uninstalling third-party mods can fix your Minecraft not responding issue. However the issue usually persists after you uninstall the mods and restart the game. Sometimes outdated drivers are the cause of this issue. To fix this you can update your graphics drivers manually or collectively. If you are not sure which driver to update use the Driver Easy application. This software automatically updates graphics drivers and can fix Minecraft not responding error.

Another common cause of Minecraft not responding is an outdated version of the game. If you have an outdated version of the game you need to update it. If you have installed a mod from an outdated version it can cause your game to become unresponsive or crash. Make sure to uninstall the mod from your game before you try to update your version. However be aware that mods can change the gameplay or texture. Therefore you must check the compatibility with your operating system before uninstalling them.

Incomplete/corrupt installation

If you have encountered the error ‘Incomplete/corrupt installation in Minecraft’ you can find solutions below. You should try to restart your computer and re-install the game if the error is still there. If the error persists you can also try resetting your Microsoft Store. If you have downloaded the game from another website you can try re-installing it. This will help you get the latest version of the game.

Sometimes the cause of this issue could be a problem with your video drivers. If you do not have updated them your computer will have problems running Minecraft. Having an outdated video driver can also cause issues with Minecraft. Another common cause is an outdated version of Java. Make sure you install the latest Java version to avoid this problem. If you are unsure of the latest version of Java visit the official Java website and install it.

Outdated/corrupt game files

While it can take a lot of time and dedication to develop the ideal Minecraft world there are times when the saved game files become corrupt. While a regular backup is the safest way to recover from a corrupt game file sometimes the problem goes deeper than that. In such cases you can attempt to restore your world using a specialist program. Unfortunately Minecraft support isn’t able to help with this problem but there are ways to repair corrupt worlds with the right software.

Outdated/corrupt game files in Minecraft affect the world you’re playing and can cause your game to crash. This is a very frustrating issue and the only way to fix it is to reinstall the game or download a fresh copy. But before you do this you need to make sure that you’re using the latest version of the game. If you have a backup you can restore it later.

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