How to Fix the Error Message ‘Failed to Download File The Contents Differ From What Was Expected’ in Minecraft

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If you have encountered the error message ‘Failed to download file the content of which differs from what was expected.’ you should know the possible causes and solutions to resolve this error. Here are some solutions you can try:

Error message: ‘Failed to download file the file contents differ from what was expected’

If you are experiencing error ‘Failed to download file the contents differ from what was expected’ then you may have tried to download Minecraft. If you have received the message the solution is to try to copy the URL from the error. In most cases restarting your PC will solve the issue. If this method does not work you can also try to download the Minecraft file using another method such as by going to the website and then clicking on ‘Download’.

To fix this error try to download the downloaded file. The file should automatically download if you have the correct location. To find the location of the download you can open the Download Directory. The path to the downloaded file may differ according to the computer model and version. In any case the downloaded file will be located in the Download Directory. After copying the URL you can paste the path of the file to the URL field of your browser.

If you can’t access the download it means the file is corrupted or missing. However this error message is not the end of the world. There are solutions to this error which may include deleting the file or uninstalling the mod. But in most cases the error can’t be solved if you can’t access the download.

Possible causes

There are a number of possible causes of the error message ‘Failed to download file. The file contents differ from what was expected’. If you get this message there are a few steps you can take to fix it. To start check your antivirus software. Sometimes it will block the game because of safety concerns. This problem can be fixed easily though. Just follow these steps to fix the error message.

If you have installed the Minecraft game you may have encountered the ‘Failed to download file contents differ from what was expected’ error. If you are unable to download the file you can manually locate the Minecraft.jar file by copying its URL from the error message. In addition if you have an antivirus program you can also disable it. If this is not the problem the error message may be caused by your firewall. If you disable your antivirus program it will allow you to download the file.

If you are using Minecraft on your PC or mobile you may have experienced the ‘Failed to download file’ error. This error may occur when you try to download a file or modify it. Minecraft is a fun and creative game for both the creative and non-creative. However the occasional error message can be very frustrating. Follow the instructions below to fix the issue and enjoy your Minecraft game.


You are receiving the error message ‘Failed to download file the contents of which are different from those expected.’ If this occurs in Minecraft you can try removing and reinstalling the game. In some cases this error may be caused by a corrupted jar file. In most cases you can fix this by downloading and replacing the jar file in the desired directory. However if you still encounter this error you may have to try restarting your computer adjusting your antivirus settings or uninstalling the Minecraft mods.

If you have already installed Minecraft then you may have experienced the error: ‘Failed to download file the content of which was expected’. To fix this problem copy the URL from the error message and paste it into the game’s address bar. In some cases this error may be caused by disorganized jar files or corrupted jar files. Luckily there are a number of solutions to this problem.

If you have downloaded the file from the official site the first step is to uninstall any previously installed version of the game. Then reinstall the game by using the official download link. This will remove the corrupted launcher and let you play the game in a fresh environment. Make sure to back up your Saves folder before trying this solution to save your progress. It may take a few hours to complete your mission but the rewards will be worth it.

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