How to Fix the Download Error on the Nintendo Switch

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There are numerous ways to fix the ‘download error’ that occurs on the Nintendo Switch. This article will cover how to fix the problem as well as help you resolve issues with sign-in eShop and microSD card problems. Luckily Nintendo has not yet released an official statement about the error. If you encounter this error code you can try restarting your Switch or clearing your cache. If none of these steps work try these other methods.

Fixing Nintendo Switch error code 2123-1502

If your Nintendo Switch console is experiencing an error the first thing you should do is to check your internet connection. It could be that your WiFi network or bad DNS has caused the error. Other reasons could include updating your console or downloading a game for the first time. You can fix this error by following a few simple steps. Try to download the game again. If this doesn’t work you should turn off Airplane Mode.

After attempting to download a game from the eShop you may encounter an error code 2123-1502. To fix this error you can repeat the process. First try to clear the cache. This will delete any previous saved data from your system but will not affect downloadable games or game save data. Next test your Internet connection. If you’re still receiving the error code you may need to upgrade your internet connection.

Fixing Nintendo Switch sign-in issue

If you have the error code 9001-0026 while trying to sign in to your Nintendo account you may need to contact Nintendo support to resolve this issue. They are able to help you resolve this issue if you can send them your Nintendo Switch’s serial number. This number can be found on the system settings page under Home > System Status. Afterwards go to the official Nintendo website and search for ‘support.’

If you’re using an old email address and are unable to log into your Nintendo account you can try signing in to your account again. You can sign in with your email address or Sign-In ID. You can also use a small device to sign in. Once you’ve signed in you should see a confirmation message. Select OK to return to the system settings. Then sign-in issue should be resolved.

Fixing Nintendo Switch eShop issues

Despite the success of the Switch’s eShop users sometimes experience connection issues or other inconveniences. Whether it is a problem with Nintendo’s servers or your Internet service provider there are always possible solutions to fix the issue. To solve the problem you can follow these simple steps:

If you cannot login to the eShop try resetting your console. Resetting your console will not affect downloaded games or game saves. However it will delete your cookies history and cached website data. You’ll need to confirm the reset before you can proceed. You should now be able to log into Nintendo’s eShop and download games again. If this does not resolve your problem you may have an ISP bandwidth throttling issue or geo-blocking on your network.

If the problem continues try connecting to another network. If that doesn’t fix it you can use your mobile data to create a hotspot. Make sure your system is updated. And make sure that all other devices on the same network are also experiencing the same connection problem. If it still does not fix the problem you may need to contact Nintendo’s customer service. The company’s support team will help you resolve the issue.

Fixing Nintendo Switch microSD card issue

There are two ways to fix the problem. First you must remove the SD card and place it in the device’s SD card slot. Second you must try using another device to test the card’s compatibility with the Switch. If the card reads OK on another device the problem is most likely with the SD card. In the latter case you need to format the SD card and reinstall it in the Switch. If the microSD card is still not read properly you may have to have the console repaired.

If you are unable to insert the microSD card you must first shut down the Nintendo Switch console. In case the device is in sleep mode you must unplug it. In addition the switch must be completely unplugged before inserting the microSD card. Finally you must clean the console. If there are any debris or dust the microSD card cannot be detected. If you still encounter this problem you can visit the nearest Nintendo store and get it fixed.

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