How to Fix the Discord 404 Error

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Discord is a VoIP communication service that isn’t compatible with proxy addresses. Bypassing the connection to your Discord server can result in connection problems. Depending on the setup of your Internet connection this issue could be caused by unstable Internet connections or enabling a proxy. Listed below are some possible causes of the Discord 404 error. To fix this error follow these steps:

Error 404

If you are experiencing Error 404 in Discord you may be experiencing a problem with your internet connection. A stable internet connection is important for Discord to work properly. You should also check the speed of your internet connection and disable any firewalls. Discord may also be blocked by your windows firewall if it finds suspicious network activity on your computer. To fix this issue follow these steps:

To resolve the Error 404 in Discord make sure to update your client. If the error still persists try disabling the in-game overlay. Many users reported that closing Discord temporarily solved their issue. If you cannot update your client you can try the workaround that Discord support provided. For some users the only solution to this problem was to disable the Enable Game Overlay feature.


If you’re experiencing the 404 error you’ve likely encountered this on your Discord account. This error occurs for a variety of reasons. Your device may not have the proper internet connection to use Discord. A firewall may prevent your device from accessing the network. You may also need to update your system but this method is unlikely to resolve the problem for good. However reinstalling the app may be a more reliable and lasting fix.

Discord is an instant messaging service with hundreds of millions of monthly users as well as being a popular VoIP platform. It is available across many platforms including Mac OS and Windows. However users of Valorant have reported receiving this error on Discord when they try to launch the game. While this issue seems to be related to the instant messaging service it could affect other games on the platform as well. Listed below are some solutions to this issue.

Easter egg

Unless you live in a cave you’ve probably encountered an ‘Error 404’ message while surfing the Web. Fortunately Discord has its own version of this error message: the 404 page. Upon clicking on this link you’ll be taken to a unique Snek mini-game. This fun interactive mini-game is the perfect way to unwind and get back to the good old days!

On the 404 page you’ll find a little-known Easter egg. The ‘SNEK’ button can be found on the lower right hand side of the screen beneath the robot hamster. You’ll find this button underneath the image of a jar receiving a liquid from a feeder. Pressing the Easter Egg button will take you to a Discord page with a Snake-themed game. You can also click the Easter Egg to disable the overlay which will make it easier to find it.

Adding files up to 8 MB

Adding files up to eight MB to Discord is an excellent way to keep your chats short while still retaining a high level of privacy. The Discord app supports up to 8 MB of file size and up to 50 MB for Discord Nitro users. Users can also make a channel private by paying for the Nitro premium service which increases the sending limit by 50 MB.

When it comes to uploading files this method works for most people. To do so just sign up for the Nitro service and confirm your subscription. Once you have an account you can share files on any server by using a DM. There are free alternatives to Nitro including third-party file-sharing websites. WeTransfer Easyupload Dropbox and Google Drive all support up to 2 GB uploads.

Reinstalling Discord

If you have encountered the error ‘Reinstalling Discord 404’ it is highly recommended that you follow the following methods. First you should disable the overlay feature of the Discord app. This feature is extremely popular and may cause the error. However this option may not be suitable for all users. If you find this method ineffective it is best to disable the overlay feature until you find a permanent solution. Afterward you should try the previously mentioned steps to fix the problem.

If you encounter this error on your PC first check your system’s date and time. If these are wrong the system may not properly process network packets. You can also disable the adblock option by clicking on the toggle button next to it. Then reinstall Discord. Hopefully the above methods will solve your problem. After reinstalling Discord you will be able to continue using the application without experiencing any errors.

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